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    Sep 15, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2


Updated to Minecraft 1.10.2. Requires Forge 2080 or higher.

Hotfix #1: Fixed tools not breaking but leaving an empty item stack behind instead.


Notable changes:

  • The mod now functions alongside both Ex Nihilo Omnia, as well as Insaneau's Ex Nihilo fork that's not publically released yet.
  • The Auto Sieve's book slot was replaced by a mesh slot, as both Ex Nihilos now add mesh items.
  • The Auto Sieve will respect the mesh's enchantments; meshes can currently be enchanted using enchanted books in an anvil.
  • Baits minimum player distance was lowered to an area of 6x6 blocks.
  • Baits will now play a sound and particle effect upon animal spawn.
  • The configuration file was rewritten (1.7.10 ones are not compatible) and registries were moved to separate json files.
  • The Chicken Stick is now a drop from the Angry Chicken, which is spawned by slapping a chicken with the stick
  • The Angry Chicken has been rebalanced for a more fair, but also slightly more challenging fight
  • Added Compressed Soul Sand, Compressed Nether Gravel (Omnia), Compressed Ender Gravel (Omnia)
  • Removed Compressed Stone and Compressed Netherrack
  • Chicken Stick will now show a way of obtaining it in JEI.
  • Wooden Crucible recipes are now shown in JEI as well.
  • Auto Sieves will no longer eat Wyld's bowls
  • Added support for Forge's energy capability
  • Added an option to disable particles, for those playing on potatoes or toasters
  • A bunch of network syncing issues were fixed
  • The mod now also runs without any Ex Nihilo installed at all - not sure why you would want that.

It should be stable from what I've tested so far. Might break anytime on Ex Nihilo * updates.

A few new features are planned and will be added over time. Okay byeeee.