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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2




  • Fixed longstanding and previously unnoticed bug where global/local shapes--and the end point that sets the semi-diameters of drawn shapes--are improperly offset in the direction opposite the side of the block clicked.
  • ItemStacks' max sizes are now respected by the Modeling Tool GUI when spawning them in creative mode.
  • Default recipe configs for tools now only require a 2x2 grid, rather than unnecessarily requiring a 3x3 grid. [Reset the relevant recipe configs for this to take effect.]



  • Allowed all tool settings to be set via a menu that opens when pressing the vanilla Chisels & Bits radial menu key bind.
  • Added new item – Modeling Tool:
    • Creates chiseled blocks that are models of collections of blocks in the world.
    • An area of blocks (up to 16 x 16 x 16) is selected by left clicking, and a chiseled block model is created in the world by right clicking.
    • Chiselable block states will automatically map to bits of that block state, while unchiselable block states will map to a default bit (although that is configurable)
    • Whether or not a state is chiselable, a mapping of states to bits, and of blocks (i.e. all states for a given block) to bits, can be manually specified via a GUI.
    • Instructions regarding controls/usage are found in the tooltip and GUI hovering text.
    • Many new configs were added for the Modeling Tool.
  • Added SHIFT, CONTROL, and ALT replacement keybinds for tools (Ex: control + left click becomes some other key + left click), as well as a keybind to open the Modeling Tool GUI.
  • Allowed vanilla Chisels & Bits designs to be edited while holding them upon pressing the keybind that opens the Modeling Tool GUI.
  • Split up config file into three main files: client, server, and common:
    • The client and server files contain only configs accessed from client or server, respectively. The common file contains configs accessed from both client and server.
    • The number of common configs was minimized, so there are far fewer instances where changing a value will cause client/server desync.
    • When a player joins a server, only their common config file needs to be the same as the server's.
    • The config GUI was split into three primary menus to access these three main config files.
  • Switched player-bound tool data from being stored in the player's NBT via the capability system to being stored per-client in separate config files:
    • These additional config files (sculpting and modeling) cannot be accessed via the config GUI and are automatically read from and written to when using their respective tools in-game.
  • Allowed config bit item stacks to be specified via block ID or by string (modid:name), and added support for specifying them with metadata (Ex: minecraft:wool:7 or 35:7).
  • Prevented recipe configs from being changed in-game and caused the Minecraft restart requirement prompt to display when they are changed.




  • Ported to Minecraft 1.10.2 (for Chisels & Bits v11.0+)