Chiseled Armor

Chiseled Armor

In addition to this page, information on Chiseled Armor can be obtained in-game by the following means:

  • Holding the control key while hovering the cursor over a Chiseled Armor itemstack will display usage information.
  • JEI will give basic information on how to import copies of blocks in-world into armor pieces.
  • Pressing the question mark button in the top right of the Chiseled Armor GUI will enter help mode, where all relevant objects will render detailed help text when hovering the cursor over them. (this is a particularly useful and expansive source of information about Chiseled Armor).

Chiseled Armor


Step 1 - Bodypart Template Creation

Click a surface in 'Template Creation' mode to set an area that represents the bodypart associated with the armor piece's selected moving part at the selected scale (right-click to additionally fill the area with bits that will be ignored when importing):

Chiseled Armor Bodypart Template Creation


Step 2 - Block Collection

After you have created your model around the in-world bodypart template area, put the armor piece in 'Block Collection' mode. Clicking one block/bit and releasing on another, draws a box around your model and imports copies of all intersecting blocks into the currently selected moving part:

Chiseled Armor Block Collection


Chiseled Armor GUI

All data of all currently worn armor pieces can be viewed and modified in this GUI. Open the GUI for normally worn armor by pressing G and for armor worn in the vanity slots by pressing SHIFT + G (those are defaults). There, any item can be added/removed and can have any number of GL operations (rotation, translation, scale) applied to it:

Chiseled Armor GUI


Chiseled Armor Vanity Slots

Armor worn in one of the added inventory vanity slots render on the player, but don't take up an armor slot and don't provide additional protection. The first set renders in place of the player's main armor set, while the remaining 3 sets render in addition to it. Click the helmet icon (if displayed) in the survival player inventory or press H (by default) to access these slots:

Chiseled Armor Vanity Slots GUI





Usage Examples

This is the default model rendered for Chiseled Armor when it has not been set to render any items for any of its moving parts:

Chiseled Armor Default Model


Example where chiseled blocks of flowing water/lava are rendered at a very small scale to give the player animated eyes:

Chiseled Armor Eyes


Example where a tree and some grass below it are rendered at small scale as a hat:

Chiseled Armor Tree Small


Example where a tree of gold/diamond in a large wooden box is rendered at 1:2 scale as a hat:

Chiseled Armor Tree Large


Example of a 1:1 scale brick helmet with gold horns:

Chiseled Armor Helmet


Example where a collection of blocks are rendered at 1:2 scale as the player's head:

Chiseled Armor Head


Example where chiseled wool blocks are rendered at 1:1, such that they effectively re-texture the player:

Chiseled Armor Textured Body