Refer to tool-tips in config GUI menu for additional information.


Client Config File (accessed only by client)

Tool Settings

  • Disable undo/redo actions for Wrench/Modeling/Sculpting Tools
  • Sculpting Tool & Wrench
    • Whether the bit removal/addition area represented in the display name is in units of bits or meters
    • Whether the bit removal/addition area is represented in the display name as a diameter or a semi-diameter
    • Amount of padding added to the bit removal/addition areas’ size
    • Max semi-diameter of sculpting shapes
    • Max wall thickness of hollow sculpting shapes
    • Whether the Bit Wrench can only invert blocks with one bit type, or whether it can invert any block, where all empty bits are filled whichever bit type is most prevalent in the block space
    • Whether or not sculpting shapes of spades are offset for placement
  • Modeling Tool
    • Whether state in manual state to bit mappings will be saved as state IDs (single integers comprised of meta byte shifted into block id), or as a combination of strings (resource location domain/path) and meta (byte)
    • Procedure for finding replacement bits: 1) for unchiseleable states; 2) when a player lacks inventory bits
      • 1st Check: whether or not to use a specific default bit as a replacement
      • 2nd Check: whether or not to use any bits found in one's inventory as replacements
      • 3rd Check: whether or not to leave empty, i.e. use an air bit as a replacement
      • The specified default replacement bit for the 1st check
  • Chiseled Armor
    • When the default model will render on the player -- always, never, or only when there are no items to render
    • When itemstacks of armor pieces render their default model, or render as they do in-world when worn -- always one or the other, default only when holding shift, or custom only when holding shift
    • The number of pixels to scale all rendered items by so they have less of a chance of z-fighting with the player model (also the amount added/removed to/from GL operation fields in the GUI when holding Z and clicking  the plus/minus buttons)
    • The number of pixels to additionally scale items rendered for the right foot so they have less of a chance of z-fighting with those of the left foot (also the number pixels to translate both feet down by to prevent z-fighting with both legs)
    • Whether pressing E or Escape while in  the vanity slots inventory GUI will switch back to the main inventory GUI, or will close the GUI.

Tool Data Settings

  • [Default values] / [Whether data is stored and accessed per tool or per player] / [Whether changes are displayed in chat] for the following data
    • Sculpting Tool
      • Block identifier for the type of bit to sculpt with using Sculpting Spades
      • Block identifier for the type of bit to remove with Sculpting  Wires
      • Direction sculpting shapes face
      • Whether Sculpting Spade shapes are hollow or solid
      • Whether Sculpting Wire shapes are hollow or solid
      • Sculpting mode (local/global/drawn)
      • Whether the ends of shapes that have ends are open or closed
      • Semi-diameter (in bits) of shapes
      • Sculpting shape for Curved Sculpting Tools
      • Sculpting shape for Straight/Flat Sculpting Tools
      • Whether local/global modes target bits or vertices of the bit grid
      • Thickness (in bits) of hollow shapes
    • Modeling Tool
      • The way areas of block in the world are specified (centered/corner/drawn)
      • Whether areas snap to chunks, and if so, the axes they snap in (off/xz/xyz)
      • Whether the bit mapping GUI automatically open upon reading an area of blocks
    • Chiseled Armor
      • The moving part that is initially selected for a given armor piece (separate config for each piece)
      • Mode (template creation, for setting the bodypart template area / block collection, for importing blocks)
      • Scale that the bodyart template area renders at, and that blocks will be imported at
      • Whether the block collection area is specified in bits or blocks


  • Bit Wrench Overlays
    • Disable overlay rendering
    • Distance arrows fade in/out over
    • Distance arrows move
    • Period of arrow moment
    • Distance between arrows
    • Amplitude of mirror arrow oscillation
    • Period of mirror arrow oscillation
    • Period of cyclical arrow rotation
    • Period of translation circle zoom in/out
  • Sculpting Tool Shapes
    • Bit Removal/Addition Bounding Boxes / Enveloped Shapes
      • Portion in front of other textures renders
      • Portion behind other textures renders
      • Alpha value
      • Red component of color
      • Green component of color
      • Blue component of color
      • Line width


Server Config File (accessed only by server)

Thrown Bit Properties

  • How bits are selected from a Bit Bag when thrown from one (randomly / first slot to last / last slot to first )
  • Initial velocity of thrown bits
  • Initial velocity of bits thrown from a Bit Bag
  • Inaccuracy of thrown bits
  • Inaccuracy of bits thrown from a Bit Bag
  • Number of seconds entities are ignited for when hit with lava bits
  • Damage inflicted on entities by thrown bits
  • Damage inflicted on Blazes by thrown water bits
  • Whether or not entities are damaged by thrown bits
  • Whether or not Blazes are damaged by thrown water bits

Tool Settings

  • Sculpting Tool & Wrench
    • Whether an attempt will be made to place removed bits in the player's inventory before spawning them in-world
    • Weather removed bits will be spawned in the blocks they are removed from or from the player's location (as if thrown on the ground by pressing Q)
    • Amount to contract the box in which removed bits can spawn in the world
    • Whether all removed bits from all blocks they are removed from are pooled together and then spawned / given to the player all at once, or whether removed bits will be individually pooled and spawned / given to the player for each block they are removed from
    • Whether full blocks (4096 bits) removed with the Sculpting Wire drop as bit stacks or as chiseled blocks full of bits


Common Config File (accessed by client and server)

Thrown Bit Properties

  • Disable the igniting of entities when hit with lava bits.
  • Disable the igniting of blocks when hit with lava bits.
  • Disable the extinguishing of entities when hit with water bits.
  • Disable the extinguishing of blocks when hit with water bits.

Item Properties

  • Bit Wrench & Modeling Tool
    • Maximum damage (per block click)
    • Damage taken when used (per block click)
  • Sculpting Tools (Curved/Straight Wires & Curved/Flat Spades)
    • Maximum damage (per bit added/removed)
    • Damage taken when used (per bit added/removed)

Recipes (only applicable to pre-MC1.12  - modify recipe JSONs for post-MC1.12)

  • Disable diamond nugget Ore Dictionary registration
  • Disable recipe of 9 diamond nuggets to 1 diamond
  • Disable recipe of 1 diamond to 9 diamond nuggets
  • Bit Wrench / Sculpting Tools / Modeling Tool / Tool Heads
    • Recipe is enabled
    • Recipe is shaped
    • The recipe itself (string array)
    • Ore dictionary is used (otherwise items are used)


Feel free to use your own images for the overlays. They are in assets\extrabitmanipulation\textures\overlays in the jar (must have the same names - aspect ratio must be maintained to prevent compressing/stretching). Of course, as usual, item textures can also be changed (textures\items), as well as item rendering (.json in models/item) and item names (.lang in lang).