A Botania Addon adds some new flowers and miscs.

I'm hoping for replies and advices :D

Notice: Most features are configurable. 


Screenshots are available in the Images tab

How To Get Started

There is a new type of knowledge. Hold a lexica and right click a livingrock pedestal with a spirit fuel to unlock.


 New Tools

  • Garden of King's Law - Another ver, but spawn flowers instead
  • 3 kinds of shields
  • new relics
  • 4 new sets of Armor

New Generating Flowers

  • Tinkle Flower - Generate mana when player moves around
  • Bell Flower - Use wind power to create mana
  • Stonesia - Generate mana by consuming stones, cobblestones and ores
  • Omniviolet - Produce mana by consuming books
  • BloodyEnchantress - Produce mana by consuming life points
  • Reikar Lily - Produce mana when a lightning bolt hits around
  • Gemini Orchid - Passive Thermorelectric flower

New Functional Flowers

  • Annoying Flower - Use mana to fish automatically
  • Manalinkium - Transfer mana wirelessly
  • Stardust Lotus - Teleport creatures and players to the specific place
  • Enchanted Orchid - Transform grass block to enchanted soil at a high cost
  • Mirrortunia - Reflect damage nearby player taken, and clear most bad potion effects

Crafttweaker Support

  1. Install Crafttweaker and MTLib
  2. mods.extrabotany.Pedestal.add(output, input);
  3. mods.extrabotany.Pedestal.remove(output, input);
  4. mods.extrabotany.Stonesia.add(burntime, input);
  5. mods.extrabotany.Omniviolet.add(burntime, input);

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