EZ Extended

EZ Extended is an addon for EZ Storage by zero__fall that has some neat stuff. It has access terminals which allow you to access your storage core from any point on the system, extra storage box sizes, blank boxes for simple extension, and the ability to secure your storage system against unwanted access on servers and shared worlds.

All aspects of the mod are configurable, too.

EZ Storage 2 is here for 1.9.4 and 1.10.X with these additions and more, so check it out!


Take a look!

The access terminal:

Right clicking it will make it as if you were right at the core!

The security box:

The GUI allows you to click to add/remove whitelisted players that can use the system. Players that aren't on the whitelist will not be able to interact with the entire system in any way.

To remove the security box, simply right click it with the EZ key.


Enjoy the mod!


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