Faithful Tweaks 1.6


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    Oct 8, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions

  • 1.13.1
  • 1.13


Update time! 1.6 is out, and there's a lot to cover, so let's get on with it!



  • Dark Granite
    • Changes the default Granite color to a dark black
  • Dark Granite Bricks
    • Using Dark Granite and Polished Stone Bricks? Put this on top of both to make them work together!
    • To use Polished Stone Bricks, Dark Granite, and Dark Granite Bricks together, the order (from top to bottom) should be as follows: Dark Granite Bricks, Dark Granite, Polished Stone Bricks
  • Path Sides
    • Extends the top path texture down to the sides
  • Lower Grass, Mycelium, Path, Podzol, and Snow Sides
    • Extends their respective top textures further (but not all the way) down the sides
  • Modern HUD
    • Changes the Health Bar, Hunger Bar, etc. to a much cleaner RPG style
  • Modern GUI
    • Nos nati sumus de cinere - we were born out of the ashes
    • The spiritual successor to Launcher Styled GUI, Modern GUI is based off of the default GUI, but cleaner. It's different in several ways:
      • I took special care to pick colors which were more representitive of the default textures. This helps keep it from looking less jarring
      • The transparencies in the hotbar have an opacity much closer to the default
      • Instead of 3 different versions which changed different things, there is 1 module which does it all.
  • Gave every module its own custom icon


  • Completely overhauled Polished Stone Bricks. They now actually look like Stone Bricks!
  • Removed the Creator's Pack because it was pretty much everything
  • Updated the base icon to match the one from Faithful
  • Switched some of the modules in the everything pack that take priority. The ones you'll now see when there is overlap are as follows:
    • Clean Glass
    • Lower Grass, Mycelium, Path, Podzol, and Snow Sides
    • Dark Granite
    • Dark Granite Bricks