Ferdinand's Flowers

This mod adds 108 beautiful flowers to your Minecraft World.  

32 new dyes, dyed brick blocks and slabs.

16 new glass colors.

Light blocks- some Vanilla blocks can be crafted into light emitting blocks similar to Glowstone.


-Flowers generate based on biomes.

-Flowers generate in mixed groups of different flowers.

-Most of the flowers will generate in more than one biome.

-Mountain, Swamp & Jungle biomes have a few unique flowers that only generate in those biomes.

-Desert, Savanna & Mesa biomes have a unique set of flowers that are native to hotter climates and only generate in those biomes.


There are charts in Images that show which flowers generate in different biomes and

what flowers are in each of the Config's Flower Groups.


Other Info:

- 32 Flowers craft dyes! 

       There are 32 different colors - including the Vanilla dye colors

              (no black, brown, white, grey, light grey)

- 3 Cactus and 1 Flower cause damage equal to a Vanilla Cactus.

- 6 Flowers are not found in the world and must be crafted.


'the Story of Ferdinand' is a children's book that I loved when I was young.  The main character is a bull named Ferdinand that "liked to sit just quietly and smell the flowers."


 Special Thanks to Darkosto for all his support and encouragement!  :)



You may use this mod in your mod pack.

Please do not repost to other sites.  


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