Fine Technology

(Not really a technological mod, but I couldn't think of a better name)


This mod adds a number of functional blocks, items and enchantments... and a lot of orange.

It also adds an ore - "Fine Ore", ingots of which are now used in multiple recipes, so stock it up whenever you can. There is no guide book, but there are advancements which unlock recipes in a certain order.

This is my main content mod, where I put every new object. List of content below is not full - check the change logs for more objects and details.

The mod is integrated with JEI - it shows a description and usage for most items and blocks.

Several blocks and items show additional info on 'Alt' key, indicated by string "Alt+".


List of content:



  • Accumulator (generates energy from furnace fuel)
  • Beacon of Hostility (makes all creatures hostile in its range)
  • Better Door
  • Block Detector
  • Breaker (ranged block breaker/harvester)
  • Chunk Keeper (loader)
  • Combiner (auto-crafts items that have 2x2 or 3x3 recipe layout)
  • Delay Circuit
  • Energy Cable (transfer rate=1600 units per tick)
  • Energy Measurer (measures energy in a block and outputs a proportional restone signal)
  • Experience Block (stores and deposits player's experience)
  • Fine Clock (switchable and adjustable clock)
  • Gelatin Extractor
  • Item Counter (counts specified items in a block and outputs a  redstone signal based on a condition)
  • Item Disenchanter (transfers enchantments from an item to books in exchange for energy)
  • Light Gate
  • Logic circuits
  • Logic gates
  • Magma Melter (generates lava from Magma)
  • Paper Mill (produces paper from Bagasse)
  • Player Emulator
  • Remote Activator
  • Semi-automatic Crafter
  • Scaffolding
  • Shredder (produces 2 Bagasse and 1 sugar from 1 sugar cane)
  • Signal Cable (an alternative to Redstone dust)
  • Signal Counter
  • Sliding Door
  • Smart Item Pipe (extensive functionality)
  • Sturdy Box (item storage block)
  • Sturdy Stone (colored stone variants)
  • Switch (like a lever, but is a normal block)
  • Teleporter
  • Tile Booster (increases operation speed of adjacent blocks)
  • Timed Sequencer
  • Transfer Scaffolding
  • Translocator (ranged item transfer implementation)
  • Transporter
  • and more


  • Bagasse
  • Block Manipulator
  • Box Upgrade (used to upgrade a Sturdy Box without breaking it)
  • Cross of Flight
  • Drainer (used to remove big amount of a liquid)
  • Fine Tool (a tool of this mod)
  • Gelatin (substitute for Slime Ball)
  • Igniter (stronger version of Flint & Steel)
  • Item Filter (used in Smart Item Pipe)
  • Launcher (ranged weapon, can shoot arrows, potions, TNT)
  • Link provider
  • Object Scanner (used to search creatures, blocks, structures or items in the world) 
  • Portable Remote Activator
  • Tile Mover (able to translocate any breakable block)
  • Village Trader (allows to trade with villagers remotely)
  • and more


  • Counter-teleport (for helmet)
  • Divergence (for armor)
  • Magic Resistance (for armor)
  • Multi-break (for tools)
  • Penetration
  • Push (for chestplate)
  • Vein-mining (for tools)
  • Water Vision (for helmet)

Rotatable blocks can be rotated by Fine Tool, Shift + right-clicking with empty hand, or a suitable tool from other mod.

The cables are compatible with MCMultipart mods; if MCMultipart is installed, Fine Technology also provides Fine Panels, which can be used for covering cables. You can obtain Panels by using Block Splitter on any full solid block.

Detailed info can be read on the Fine Technology wiki.

Modpack policy - allowed to be used in any modpack.

Known bugs:

- Item Pipe can delete items if a multipart block is placed on/removed from it. If this happens, use an experimental MCMultipart version from instead of a regular one.


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