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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8
  • Java 7


  • INFO: Assuming there are no gigantic gamebreaking bugs (like every item being given NBT tags when broken *cough cough*), this is the final 1.7.10 version. After this, we will begin working on the update to 1.9.
  • NEW: Native MineTweaker integration. You can now add/remove carving table molds, crucible liquids and recipes, rock smasher recipes, and steaming recipes. Please keep in mind that some things may not work as you hope when using /mt reload. Some things cannot change mid-game for FSP, so when modifying the script, if using reload did not work, be sure to restart the game (#386).
  • TWEAK: Forest Fire improvements: Does not consume additional steam on use, can burn blocks that aren't logs, and burns blocks in Y levels above and below the starting position (#412).
  • TWEAK: Leaf Blower improvements: Destroys leaves in 9x9 area instead of 3x3, and better checks to allow non-OreDict leaves and other materials to be blown (#411).
  • TWEAK: Dragon Roar is now equipped in the mask slot (#409).
  • TWEAK: Rebreather is now equipped in the mask slot (#404).
  • TWEAK: New "single button trackpad" config option to resolve issues with single-button trackpad users (like those who use a Macbook with no mouse, like me) not being able to use the ctrl-click feature with the Esteemed Innovation journal. This will make the ctrl-click feature not care which mouse button is down, as long as one of them is, as LWJGL seems to register all single-button trackpad clicks as only a single mouse button, rather than 0 and 1 respectively (L and R).
  • TWEAK: Indicate that The Void requires the tool be wound up in the book, as it was not obvious before (#395).
  • TWEAK: Improve area of effect mining speed a bit, so it is actually worth using over your fist.
  • TWEAK: The Void upgrade now displays your inventory's coordinates when in a tool. If no inventory is set, it will simply say "The Void" (#407).
  • FIX: Precise Cutting Head priority is lower, which resolves ore duping issues.
  • FIX: More permissive can-harvest-block code for the Precise Cutting Head, which resolves issues where blocks that have no specific harvesting tool or a really low harvest level (like Glowstone) were not getting silk touched (#410).
  • FIX: Fix Redstone Ore not dropping Redstone Ore. The fix for this is moderately hacky, since Redstone Ore and Lit Redstone Ore (which is the block broken) are different blocks, but there should be no side effects.
  • FIX: Improve entry finding code for ctrl/sneak clicking stuff with the Esteemed Innovation journal. This resolves the issue where these features will take you to the middle/end of an entry (for the crafting recipe) or the first page in an entry with many different subentries like the upgrade pages. For example: Steam Hammer would take you to its crafting recipe, and Timber Chain would take you to Forest Fire. These issues never existed at the same time, but there was always at least one of them present. Now, neither.
  • FIX: Items dropped by things that modify block drops, like the Multiplicative Resonator, were not effected by the Void. Now they are.
  • FIX: The Void not sending items anywhere if the inventory was full. Now the items are dropped like normal (#407).
  • FIX: Resolve many NullPointerExceptions caused by connecting/disconnecting steam transporters with the Pipe Wrench (#405).
  • FIX: Set damage to 0 (0 SU) instead of 1 (800 SU) when it is going to get all of its steam drained.
  • FIX: Fix reversed divison in addSteam resulting in bad values thanks to int divison.
  • FIX: Battle Drill properly requires the player to be sneaking.
  • FIX: Fix Exo Projector for steaming recipes with old metadata style (-1 -> 0).
  • FIX: setHarvestLevel is called in BlockSteamcraftOre. This should fix various strange issues, most notably fixes the Exothermic Projector not smelting our ores (zinc and copper).
  • FIX: Fix steam tools ever losing steam such that they would break (#399).
  • FIX: Steam Saw can efficiently break leaves (#396).
  • FIX: Drain the proper amount of steam from the Exosuit when the tools have run out of steam, and they get revved (#400).
  • FIX: Fix NullPointerException when using fake players with the steam tools, like the tablet from Thaumic Tinkerer or Thermal Expansion's Autonomous Activator (#385). This also prevents crashes from mining non-standard (instantly broken, like tall grass) blocks (#392).
  • FIX: Fix Air Strike Conversion Kit only working when the player is not rocket jumping (#387)
  • FIX: Use EntityLivingBase#ticksExisted instead of our own integer to check when to remove the good and bad Exosuit boosts. We try only once per second instead of 5 times per second to remove them now. This inadvertently resolves an issue where the bad boost was not removed if the last piece of armor removed was not the chest plate (#413).
  • FIX: Non-steam tool items no longer get the Ticks and Speed NBT tags set to them. This solves an issue with item stacking (#389)
  • FIX: Flash Boiler filling bug preventing the user from filling outside of the GUI (screw, right clicking with a water container, etc) (#390)
  • FIX: Leap Actuator entry is in the right category in the book, Foot Slot rather than Heel Slot (#391).
  • FIX: Fix NullPointerException when mining the inventory set to the void upgrade, or when that TileEntity has been mined. When this occurs, the void inventory will automatically be unset (#394).
  • FIX: @VERSION@ in mcmod.info properly gets replaced by the version number in the build script.
  • API: ISteamToolUpgrade#getInformation now gives you two ItemStacks, one for the upgrade, and one for the containing tool.
  • API: ISteamTool now extends ISteamChargable.
  • DEV: New -Pdev option to create a dev build, with version numbers as RELVERSION-LATESTCOMMIT-dev.