Paving the way to a better world

Have you ever slaved over building your city, only to find one thing is missing?
Maybe you're a big fan of the Flan's Mod, but don't have anywhere to take that new Mini out for a spin!
If that's you, then this is the mod you need!
Introducing, Roads! Roads adds a whole load of new blocks to use as a way to get around!

More shots further down!

So, what does it do exactly...?
Right now, it simply adds a load of road blocks, with various types of paint.
There is also everything else you need to make the tarmac; including Tar!

However, the mod is still Beta, so expect plenty more soon!

Planned Features
Here is everything I intend to add right now. Missing something you'd like? Suggest it!
- Street Signs. Speed limits, directions, maybe even writable street name signs!
- Lighting. Street lights, Cats Eyes, Lit up Bollards etc done!
- Speedometer. A nice widget displayed when you're riding any entity, displaying your speed.
- More modelled stuff - car park height limits, movable barriers etc
- Redstone support - Working traffic lights, street lights
- Other things to decorate your city with!
- Better textures! optional texture pack available!

The latest version will always be available here. If you want an older version, they're available directly on my site, or also on Minecraft Forums.

This mod is developed and owned by Flenix. He owns it, and it's his.
You may not redistribute it while it is in Alpha form. Once it hits Beta, you can redistribute it but you must get the permission from Flenix first.
Flenix cannot be held responsible if this breaks your world, destroys your computer or eats your dog.

Suggestions and Bug Reports
I'm all ears for any suggestions and I'll try and fix any bugs! You can post either as a comment here, or you can post on my forums. Posting on my forum means it's easier for both you and me to track your issue or suggestion, so go ahead and do that! The forum is new, so post around and liven the place up a bit too!
Click me to go to the forums!

Other mods!
I've also made a City mod, called FlenixCities, which works well with this mod!
Go get it!

Follow me:

http://silvania.co.uk/social/silvania.png http://silvania.co.uk/social/facebook.png http://silvania.co.uk/social/twitter.png http://silvania.co.uk/social/github.png

Really like the mod? I'm trying to get a new graphics card, as mine is very basic and on the brink of death. Feel free to help me out if you can!


For those who like pictures, a few more screenshots:
A petrol station, featuring Buildcraft Tanks

A nice car park

A little bridge

Car store made by BioFusionz, featuring vehicles from Manus' vehicles content pack for Flan's Mod.


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