Foolcraft 3 - Release - 1.1.1


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    May 29, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Foolcraft 3 Release-1.1.0 to Foolcraft 3 Release-1.1.1

	Thaumcraft (went from Thaumcraft-1.12.2-6.1.BETA15.jar to Thaumcraft-1.12.2-6.1.BETA13.jar):

* Generated using (1.9)

Also added all hoes to the farming station thanks to Mrbysco for the config file

Also sorted the recipe changes i had miss a ] out of a line of code which prevents the rest of the file to load sorry about that

if this version works well then i will release server files with a few hours of the pack being released.

Thanks again
Scalda<br /><br />
Foolcraft 3 Release-1.0.0 to Foolcraft 3 Release-1.1.0

	- AutoRegLib
	- Morph-o-Tool

	Crafting Tweaks (went from CraftingTweaks_1.12.2-8.1.8.jar to CraftingTweaks_1.12.2-8.1.9.jar):
			Added a workaround to deal with EnderIO's invasive recipe book button hijacking, which was causing it to overlap with the tweak buttons

	FTB Utilities (went from FTBUtilities- to FTBUtilities-
			No changelog provided.
			No changelog provided.

	FTBLib (went from FTBLib- to FTBLib-
			No changelog provided.
			No changelog provided.

	Statues (went from statues-1.12.X-0.8.3.jar to statues-1.12.X-
			 * Fix Display Stand recipe.
			 * Added the appropriate recipes involving the colored sheep
			Fixed a crash that can happen with player statues.

			 * Added a sombrero and bumbo statue.
			 * Added a display stand (where you can put the statues ON. It's not a display case)

	Thaumcraft (went from Thaumcraft-1.12.2-6.1.BETA13.jar to Thaumcraft-1.12.2-6.1.BETA15.jar):
			- fix for chunk loading errors on server start
			- fix for seeking projectiles causing client crash
			- possible fix for pedestal desync issues during infusion
			- fixed moon phase descriptions
			- alembic can once again be emptied on shift-right click with an empty hand
			- creative flux sponge can now also remove flux rifts
			- fixed armor dyes
			- fixed arcane bore dupe bug and made its digger radius a bit more accurate when stationary
			- vis batteries will now drop when harvested
			- pattern crafter now removes the proper amount of items
			- fixed possible dupe bug with certain mods combined with arcane bore, seals and breaker focus
			- new stuff: vis batteries, vis generator, stabilizer, stock seal
			- fixed arcane pattern crafter
			- relaxed nbt checking in crucible recipes, infusion recipes and research hand ins to account for other mods that add custom nbt tags
			- fixed mod compatibility load order
			- fixed an edge case bug where custom recipes from other mods could cause strange results in the arcane workbench
			- tweaked amber block/brick recipes
			- fixed seal filters to allow non-standard stack sizes. You might want to check all your seal filters to make sure they behave as they should
			- API: seal filters now store stack sizes independently of the itemstacks themselves. New methods added to get and set those numbers.
			- increased experimentation inspiration cost to 2, but also increased the amount of progress it gives
			- fixed custom gui toggle buttons
			- seeking focus projectiles are now 56% more seeky
			- bouncing focus projectiles can now only bounce off solid blocks
			- revamped infusion crafting stability mechanics
			- infusion recipes now properly recognize damaged items and will transfer the damage to crafting results where appropriate
			- toned down taint poison spawned by certain things
			- loads of balance tweaks

	Thaumic JEI (went from ThaumicJEI-1.12.2-1.2.3-7.jar to ThaumicJEI-1.12.2-1.2.4-9.jar):
			 * Sorted JEI tabs in a more logical way
			 * JEI will now move away in some areas of the Research Table that are outside of the gui

	The Cactus Mod (went from The Cactus Mod-1.1.jar to The Cactus Mod-1.2.jar):
		The Cactus Mod-1.2.jar:
			Added Mobs:

			 * Added Cactus Sheep
			 * Added Cactus Spider
			 * Added Cactus Slime
			 * Added Cactus Skeletons
			 * Added Cactoni (Cactus with a sombrero)
			Added Items / Blocks

			 * Added Cactus Bone/bonemeal (can only bonemeal sand/cactus and creates dead bushes)
			 * Added Cactus Slime and Cactus Slimeblock (lesser version of the regular slimeblock)
			 * Added Cactus Boat
			Other changes / fixes:

			 * Changed Cactus Snowman into Cactus Man
			 * Fix the patterns for making the Cactus Man and Cactus Golem
			 * Fix the durability on the armor.
			 * Fixed Loot Tables

	Yet Another Core (went from Yet Another Core 2.1.156 (MC1.12.2) - Beta to Yet Another Core 2.2.003 (MC1.12.2) - Beta):
		Yet Another Core 2.2.003 (MC1.12.2) - Beta:
			- Fixed problems with Game Rules

			- Added a few minor features

			- Deactivated the Debug Tooltips
		Yet Another Core 2.1.158 (MC1.12.2) - Beta:
			- Fixed some incorrect imports on some classes
			- Fixed the config system not loading as it should

* Generated using (1.9)


<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />## Change Reasons ##

Added the Custom Main menu textures for the buttons
Re done the nerf on the Pertified generator - (
Fixed issue  - Server Download #14 - (
Disabled the Factorizer from TE as it can dupe nearly all gems
Removed the recipes for the tanks from Mod griding utils due to xp dupe - (
Disabled FTBU chunk loading please use the wierding gadgets one
Nether star drop rate fixed
Disabled TE Soulbound
And also disabled Ender core Xpboost enchant
And also disabled Ender core autosmelt enchant
fixed server download link in menu
Updated YetAnotherCoreMod to fix this issue -
Added the tier 6 ore miner controllor to the energy condenser recipes
Added Morph o tool - due to a high request for it
Updated the cactus mod as it brings some new fun to the game
Added a recipe for the aquamarine crystal
Also updated the statues mod due to new statues been added
updated thamcraft to fix a lot of bugs


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