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    Jun 10, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Foolcraft 3 Release-1.3.0 to Foolcraft 3 Release-1.3.1

	Industrial Foregoing (went from industrialforegoing-1.12.2-1.9.0-163.jar to industrialforegoing-1.12.2-1.10.0-173.jar):
			 * Added 6 conveyor upgrades that can be added to the conveyor (Extraction, Insertion, Splitting, Bouncing, Dropping and Blinking) (Coded/Buuz135)
			 * Mob duplicator and Animal Sewer shouldnt waste power anymore (jansamohyl)
			 * Improved hasAddon checks
			 * Fixed Enchantment Extractor not splitting enchanted books
			 * Allowed to use mekanism steel casing in machine recipes (Can be disabled in configs)
			 * Tree fluid extractor no longer resets progress when the wood is broken
			 * Improved fluid handling
			 * Improved tank color handling
			 * Black Hole Tank Block now changes color depending of the fluid it contains
			 * Fixed Missing Recipe error from the conveyor recipes #326
			 * Fixed server crash with forge versions #330
			 * Black hole unit extract button now respects stack sizes
			 * Mob Crusher and Mob Slaughter Factory do same amount of damage (Configurable, def: 300) #331
Other changes:
	Disabled TPA command from FTBU
	Disabled the recipe for the collapsible block carpenters block as they crash the game
	Updated industrial forgoing to fix an issue with the black hole units
	You no longer need the ghast and bat in the lassos but you need a couple statues now instead
	Also, set the energy condenser recipes to not require any items with nbt data as that still doesn't work
	Also finally got the high res images for the buttons for the main menu so they look better now as well
	Also if you want to support me for doing all the work and updates to foolcraft and the other packs I do for iskall, and also want to play some Minecraft then here is my gamewisp page.
	I currently have a fresh vanilla world that no one has played on yet and I also have an FC3 server for supporters. so check me out here:


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