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    Sep 7, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Foolcraft 3 Release-1.5.1 to Foolcraft 3 Release-1.5.2

	Applied Energistics 2 (went from appliedenergistics2-rv6-alpha-3.jar to appliedenergistics2-rv6-alpha-4.jar):
			Feature #3702 Completely new system to render facades. It supports many more models compared to the old system. For example connected textures or multilayer textures. - covers1624

			Feature #3706: Added a new facade config. Will delete old config file. Refer to config documentation for more details. - yueh

			Feature #3624: Generic ICellInventoryHandler. This breaks API! - fscan

			Feature #3641: Make search box toggle key configurable. - fscan

			Changes #3635: Increase Vibration Chamber AE/t. - fscan

			Changes #3636: Condensor improvements. - fscan

			Changes #3640: Allow ME Chest to work with any cell. - fscan

			Fixes #3625: Fix buckets in vibration chamber. - fscan

			Fixes #3630: Formation planes not respecting the entity limit.- yueh

			Fixes #3632: Fix dupe bug with shulker box. - fscan

			Fixes #3634: Check if part was actually added before spawning. - fscan

			Fixes #3644: Fix Platform#postChanges to check all registered channels. - fscan

			Fixes #3646: Render assemblers in the correct layer. - yueh

			Fixes #3653: Fix ConcurrentModificatonException in NetworkEventBus. - fscan

			Fixes #3675: Fix tooltip for vibration chamber. - fscan

			Fixes #3676: Fix fluid parts item models. - fscan

			Fxies #3703: Power off a network in case it losses its local buffer. - yueh

	Better Records (went from BetterRecords-1.12.2-1.5.6.jar to BetterRecords-1.12.2-1.5.7.jar):

			 * Servers can provide their own library files which will be sent to players. There is a config option to disable this.

			 * Changed naming scheme of files in cache folder

			 * Lasers, LaserClusters, and StrobeLights can now be broken with an axe instead of a pickaxe
			 * Wires will now be used again when you connect things together
			 * Fixed issue where cache folder wouldn't be created
			 * URLs in remoteLibraries.txt are now validated, so it doesn't crash.

	Blood Magic (went from BloodMagic-1.12.2-2.3.2-100.jar to BloodMagic-1.12.2-2.3.3-101.jar):
			Version 2.3.3:

			- Fixed Altars not filling orbs of their own tier

	Botania (went from Botania r1.10-355.jar to Botania r1.10-356.jar):
		Botania r1.10-356.jar:
			 See [](

	Catwalks 4 (went from catwalks-1.12.2-4.0.43.jar to catwalks-1.12.2-4.0.44.jar):

			Attempt to use this mod without using the optifine support config

			 * Added Vanity Chat Title
			 * Added NyanWalks and crafting process, still some small bugs.
			 * Adding in work-around for VanillaFix

	Chisel (went from Chisel - MC1.12.2- to Chisel - MC1.12.2-
		Chisel - MC1.12.2-
			Add chiseling for iron bar variants
		Chisel - MC1.12.2-
			Chisel MC1.12.2-

			 - Iron bars are back! With an all new model you can once again imprison your friends WITH STYLE!

			 - [#661](, [#699]( CTM is now properly declared as a clientside dependency
			 - [#696]( Auto Chisel will hide the FE bar when it is disabled in the config
			 - [#678]( Chisel blocks should now work with JEI color search
			 - Added the remaining missing description tooltips, and fixed a few broken ones

			 - [#653]( Crashes when some features are disabled (chisel, autochisel)
			 - [#651]( Occasional crash when Auto Chisel tries to play a sound
			 - [#681]( Crash when Auto Chisel plays sound as the chisel inside breaks
			 - [#693]( Fix calling getActualState too late, fixes crash with TCon blocks (and potentially others)
			 - [#668]( Fix crash when last group for an oredict is removed
			 - Fixed some small issues with the Auto Chisel GUI
			 - [#713]( Removed rough and dark prismarine as prismarine variants, fixes potential dupes
			 - [#691]( Fix iChisel deleting items when chisel damage is disabled in the config
			 - [#663]( Fixed Rusty Scaffold texture not being properly transparent
			 - [#730]( Fixed speed boost from concrete being offset in some situations

	Extra Utilities (went from Extra Utilities 2 - 1.12 - 1.8.5 to Extra Utilities 2 - 1.12 - 1.9.1):
		Extra Utilities 2 - 1.12 - 1.9.1:
			- Fix crash on servers
			- Add missing localizations
		Extra Utilities 2 - 1.12 - 1.9.0:
			- Added Ender Porcupine, a 'phantom-face'-like that slowly iterates through a range of block positions.
			- Added Ferrous-Juniper trees. Strange trees whose saplings are found in nether fortress chests.
			- Added tooltip for Resturbed spawners to show what entity is present within.
			- Drop of evil is now consumed when creating a resturbed spawner.

	FTBLib (went from FTBLib- to FTBLib-
			 * Added BOTANIA to OtherMods - LatvianModder
			 * Faster NBTBase IO, fixed panels not correctly sorting widgets with colored names - LatvianModder
			 * Fixed bug where container guis wouldnt close properly - LatvianModder
			No changelog provided.
			 * Fixed sourceJar in buildscript - LatvianModder

	Ignition: Foundry (went from Foundry-1.12.2-3.3.0.jar to Foundry-1.12.2-3.3.2.jar):
			Fixed the min value on the Fluid Ore Amount config being 1 instead of 0.
			This will change the value of that config to 0 if it is 1.
			Fixed some weird crash with cupronickel

	Industrial Foregoing (went from industrialforegoing-1.12.2-1.11.1-206.jar to industrialforegoing-1.12.2-1.11.2-212.jar):
			Industrial Foregoing

			1.11.2 (2018-08-27 23:30:48 +0200)

			 * Added a config option to change how much power the liquids generators produces, closes #421 (Buuz135)
			 * Fixed Black Hole Unit stopped working when stacks were less than 64, closes #420 (Buuz135)
			 * Fixed Ore Sieve not consuming items (Buuz135)
			 * Fixed being able to extract from the spore recreator input (Buuz135)
			1.11.1 (2018-08-18 20:30:42 +0200)

			 * Added fortune addon (Buuz135)
			 * Animals now produce more Pink slime in the Mob Slaughter Factory (Buuz135)
			 * Fixed some description typos (Buuz135)
			 * Added glowstone to the laser drill (Buuz135)
			 * Buffed Fermentation Station operations (Buuz135)
			 * Added a botton the plant sower to disable hoeing, closes #412 (Buuz135)
			 * Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
			 * Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
			 * Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
			 * Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
			 * Update ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
			 * Create ko_KR.lang (E. Kim)
			1.11.0 (2018-08-11 21:04:34 +0200)

			 * Fixed some random casting code that did nothing in the sludge refiner, closes #405 (Buuz135)
			 * Fixed labels sometimes crashing, closes #404 (Buuz135)
			 * Added a few uses for the pink slime ingot, more incoming soon (Buuz135)
			 * Added a recipe for the pink slime ingot using the Fluid Sieve (Buuz135)
			 * Added better localizations for some stuff (Buuz135)
			 * Added pink slime ingot (Buuz135)
			 * Updated translation (Ore Meat and etc...) (DenisMasterHerobrine)
			 * Added a better description for the Fermentation Station (Buuz135)
			 * Added Washing Factory, Fermentation Station and Fluid Sieving Machine, a new ore processing system based on meat. (Buuz135)
			 * [ru-RU] Updated translation to v1.10.7-204 (DenisMasterHerobrine)
			1.10.7 (2018-07-24 18:48:30 +0200)

			 * Extractor JEI Handler is more descriptive (Buuz135)
			 * Added a parameter to the extractor to define progress increase chance (between 0 and 1). The block that is being consumed can be broken 7 times so a recipe with a progress increase chance of 1 it will run only 7 times. (Buuz135)
			 * Added Froster outputs to JEI (Buuz135)
			 * Updated forge (Buuz135)
			 * Added changelog generation, curseforge distribution and license formatting (Buuz135)

	MCMultiPart (went from MCMultiPart 2.5.1 to MCMultiPart 2.5.2):
		MCMultiPart 2.5.2:
			Fixed parts not getting the right world when spawning particles

	Minecraft Forge (went from 1.12.2- to 1.12.2-
			LexManos: Fix --mods and --modListFile arguments not making it past LaunchWrapper.
			LexManos: Remove BlamingTransformer (#5115)

	MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod (went from Furniture Mod 5.7.0 to Furniture Mod 5.8.0):
		Furniture Mod 5.8.0:
			+ Modern TV can now be mounted on walls

			+ Items can now be placed on Coffee Tables

			+ Improved TV and Stereo models

			+ Added variants for Coolers

			+ Added all wood types for Door Bells

			+ Minor texture changes

			+ Updated ru_ru.lang (Thanks QuantumStatement)
			* Fixed issue with Toilet not flushing items (Thanks Phylogeny)

			* Fixed various issues with Kitchen Counter Sinks

	NetherPortalFix (went from NetherPortalFix_1.12.1-5.3.13.jar to NetherPortalFix_1.12.1-5.3.17.jar):
			Fixed incorrect positioning in target dimension when disconnecting during a teleport

	Refined Storage (went from Refined Storage 1.6.3 to Refined Storage 1.6.4):
		Refined Storage 1.6.4:
			 * Rewrote autocrafting again, bringing performance up to par with other autocrafting mods (raoulvdberge)
			 * Autocrafting now reserves items and fluids in an internal inventory to avoid having the storage network steal stacks required for autocrafting (raoulvdberge)
			 * Reworked the Crafting Monitor to be more condensed and more clear (raoulvdberge)
			 * Removed left / right click functionality on filter slots to increase / decrease the amount, replaced that functionality with a dialog (raoulvdberge)
			 * Fixed not being able to craft upgrades that require enchanted books (raoulvdberge)
			 * Fixed quick jittering of the Grid and Crafting Monitor when opening them because the tabs appear (raoulvdberge)

	Refined Storage Addons (went from Refined Storage Addons 0.4.1 to Refined Storage Addons 0.4.2):
		Refined Storage Addons 0.4.2:
			 * Removed the Infinite Wireless Transmitter. The author is not interested in feedback about this removal (raoulvdberge)

	Waystones (went from Waystones_1.12.2-4.0.54.jar to Waystones_1.12.2-4.0.62.jar):
			Added "Bound Scroll" - right click a waystone to bind these scrolls to a specific waystone

			Added "Global Waystones Cost XP" option - set to false to have global waystones be free regardless of the method of travel

			Added "Custom Names" option - these will be used in generation until all are used up, at which point the default name generator jumps in again

			Added partial JourneyMap support (opt-in via config) - placing a waystone will automatically create a waypoint (however, breaking one will not remove the waypoint)

			Added a way to access the waystone naming GUI from within the waystone list (hover over the Current Destination name)

			Made waystones fire an observer signal on activation

			Fixed generated waystones not being marked as such, making the "Disallow Breaking Generated" option useless - will only work for newly generated waystones. You can manually replace old generated waystones with name %RANDOM% while in creative to mark them as generated.

			Fixed waystones getting deactivated on rename

			Fixed warp stone cooldown no longer showing in the durability bar

			Fixed waystone naming GUI allowing empty name, resulting in temporary desync between client and server

			Prevent scrolls from being used up by accident on small charge-up times by only triggering them when not next to the waystone

	p455w0rd's Library (went from p455w0rdslib-1.12-2.0.32.jar to p455w0rdslib-1.12-2.0.34.jar):
			only download patrons file once per client load
			changed patrons.txt host to AWS



Also, I have removed carpenters blocks from the pack due to it causing so many issues with crashes and what not and the mod author is nowhere to be seen


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