Forestry 3.4.0


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    Jan 29, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8
  • Java 7
  • Java 6


Due to the shear number of changes in this version a detailed summary isn't available. Instead we've provided a complete list of commits that have been applied since the last version.


  • Inventory code completely rewritten to provide better maintainability and interaction in-game.
  • Hive and World-gen improvements, including Retrogen.
  • Fluid handling improvements, including place-able fluids and support for IFluidContainer items
  • Many many, bug-fixes.

 Thanks to CovertJaguar, MysteriousAges, xupaosso, Nirek, Vexatos, marcin212, Adaptivity, Parker8283, and many others for contributing, testing, translating, and opening issues leading up to this release!


Forestry honey uses a new ID for this version, to avoid conflicts with other place-able honey. The workaround (for if you have large amounts of honey) is to run the old honey through a Still. It will convert it quickly.


Ever accidentally put a bee in a centrifuge because your mind-meltingly-complicated pipes were crossed? Ever intentionally put a bee in a centrifuge because you have no idea what you're doing? Well rejoice! The new bulletproof inventory will not allow items to go where they shouldn't. At all. Ever.*

*Except when it does. Please post any bugs to the issue tracker!

Ethanol and mead were pretty great before, but now you can place them in the world, along with every other Forestry fluid!Place-able fluids! Honey fountain? You bet. Crushed ice swimming pool? Ok sure. Biomass waterfalls? Pretty nasty actually... but now it's technically possible! The best kind of possible!

There are some new bees and trees!
Semi-Retired Magic-Beemaker in-residence MysteriousAges fleshed out some genetic lines by adding Miry, Boggy, Farmerly, and Agarian bees. I hear some might even do really cool things or whatever, how totally not exciting at all.
New to the modding scene, say hello to xupaosso who took on the challenge of creating some new trees, ensuring that Forestry branches off the genetic lines of the new vanilla 1.7.10 trees. Enjoy the lovely Ipe, Padauk, Cocobolo, and Zebrawood!

Can't find any of those pesky hives anywhere? Fear not! They now glow more reliably, and can spawn in non-vanilla biomes of appropriate temperature and humidity. Also, the pesky hives now have a config option to adjust how often they spawn! Check common.conf for world.generate.beehives.rate.

Retrogen has been painstakingly added to Forestry! Now you can add Forestry on a whim (like right now), and enable retrogen to populate your world with hives and ores. Just check common.conf for world.retrogen!

Improved Escritoire. Build one and use it to research your bees! You'll receive notes about mutations, which you can right click to increase your chances of getting new bees! Bees!

And a crazy number minor bugfixes, and some major ones that popped up from the new features (thank you again everyone who fearlessly tested and reported the latest unstable).

If you find any issues, please report them here.


  1. Intial stages of an cleanup of the inventory code, this commit is very broken. (commit: 034cdf2860f68d91e16f5c468767902dcbff58de)
  2. More work on inventory stuff, and fix all the broken merge stuff (commit: 3636af5b9cb4c1f54051333d5e53d77471dafaf1)
  3. Cleanup *alyzers (commit: 874a49262d06ebf9bcac05db796e44b6479606eb)
  4. Suppress unhandled exception warnings (commit: f8a9bf44c341061bb259aa189b775bb02d60ee3c)
  5. Add for trader's princess trade for monastic drone (commit: 891c0c6133d9519fab08aaf337adf56dcababde8)
  6. Fix #352 Backpack deletion/duplication bug (commit: d827a0f132d80247a830d66054008e3c55e3b066)
  7. Cleanup (commit: d132a0ae62ebe6b9f94ea1775bbcbac05399f330)
  8. Safety check for IC2 Plugin. #351 (commit: 38009bb32ac97d013a814922f3da43b59f75e662)
  9. Fix #357 Forestry stained glass not silk touchable (commit: ab3ba0c4dbece12818e697fcfa7e53d12f534e1f)
  10. Fix #356 Worktable using the wrong wood with Shift-use all (commit: 0105f36668a75e4ca71be5d5e7fde48ba3bab39d)
  11. Cleanup (commit: 4f95ceab29a048c11c1f4de5a2bcf9444eb207c8)
  12. Fix biome error in Alveary (commit: d0244ece326296793e52d70284d95337c5fb56bb)
  13. Fix #353 Alveary heater/fan energy consumption, animation (commit: 475d99eae81162f28338d140cf555b40e3454d28)
  14. Make Apiarist's Armor protect against potion effects from bees (commit: b2d722a4c596289670a0a3dbe458b9ade759009e)
  15. Farmerly & Agrarian bees. Buzz buzz (commit: 8ff72af9d24fc48a4fd9f8d1ea0ae9f758060323)
  16. Swapping out deprecated method for non-deprecated call. (commit: fafee3480343983930a46f3200b123d2a697c473)
  17. Update (commit: 8be4298ca9732ab918742fd4782cac1524ac43ea)
  18. Partially Revert "Swapping out deprecated method for non-deprecated call." (commit: 4c6a4614255fa83ceb1d888dcd5f795de626238a)
  19. Update lang (commit: 48d6230ed1f8458abe11af7b54c0af89af12a4af)
  20. More progress on inventory rework (commit: 4f48cd5890b7c6c8c4867cc9a6512b9e2ee95523)
  21. Fix crash from checking Potion.isBadEffect on server (commit: 46256bac4174206cee5374594bdefbc4fc198b3f)
  22. Improve bee give command format (commit: 54e4aafc0eb10846c3ae4200786e0c029c43d100)
  23. Fix lang typo: agrarain -> agrarian (commit: 84e9673454a659070032dd2db77a4d70ce4c7463)
  24. Fix #359 Crafting with a worktable does not trigger achievements. (commit: c010977a0ba2663c7374b98d937d274dcf33249d)
  25. Fix crash when crafting with a Map on a Worktable (commit: 4cc318bc1d7b594bc6745616f6acb40036623864)
  26. oops (commit: c6f205864fe4e2bc2450a97646112b412adc9ac5)
  27. Support left click drag on Worktable (commit: 029604222c5062f9135571bf7354e7d8e9f53002)
  28. Fix #362 Missing Analyzer Crafting recipe (commit: 7ffb9d5c1d2a7ebc2dbd0e05e7f23caf6386a845)
  29. Add blacklist to worktable memory, blacklist non-empty maps (commit: 2cb19594212a80f3a4b6bf018ca83bb1b3401733)
  30. Improve null safety of memorized recipe isValid check (commit: 23ffb78ab34a987fce43372a66d2efa73a25df68)
  31. Fertile effect should now respect housing territory modifiers. (commit: 99f09b4037d6cf91d8ddc41182e4d7cf595f9cc0)
  32. Welcoming Miry and Boggy bees! Marshy bees are no longer in a branch all on their lonesome. (commit: e281cb45919c5a1cd6284e66fa6b07771c1a8982)
  33. Refactor out worktable canCraftRecipe logic to RecipeUtil (commit: 099f33549b4d423004e09c7f05a4a2c38a6cfacf)
  34. cleanup (commit: 76fe2b1c90df5a2d8ed9496f8cb936c8b2b4799c)
  35. Cleanup MachineFabricator (commit: a300e97aa0e289995751f4a2d3022360e03aeb20)
  36. update lang (commit: 1d2266a524752bce8601f610e9e231ffe9f58fa5)
  37. Fix Alveary Swarmer and Swarm Hive (commit: dbf6202a9076acd1d80cf3061bff4db0517551c7)
  38. Closes #363. Ore dictionary support for IC2's Rubberized Electron Tubes (commit: e26da52d214db753832f40a1407dc18c0f641203)
  39. Cleanup (commit: 2242dfdfb99bf8c37743635dfa94bc2f39e22c29)
  40. Fix #365 Fluid pipe connected to farmblock (commit: 5c4bd5307c1efb85481fe425cff01b3f73767093)
  41. Fix #364. Cleanup of Liquid/Fluid handling, handle IFluidContainerItem (commit: 5ea4770a2d5fef57cf52fb7c81f33671f8086740)
  42. More Inventory rewrite stuff. (commit: 792ab77a488b9954ed35b236da922a67716139bd)
  43. Only consume fluid containers with null getContainerItem (commit: c4b3f7e9f1c8116d39c5943786d9612692c7c111)
  44. Cleanup, use Fluids enum (commit: 9cbb6e390b0580913261c71a9cbf99b6b7842326)
  45. Remove vialEmpty, vialCatalyst (commit: 1b741eaac5ba4a82d26192b48a1d17d5da93fddd)
  46. Implement spawn tree and spawn forest commands (commit: a8b7098f391155f7808450db0c55e65ce3ff7077)
  47. Fix and migrate Tree commands to new format. Remove CommandMC (commit: a68cbc54e79368dfbd1288aeabf29cf3f5803947)
  48. Fix #367 Fix fabricator crash (commit: d8beaa92b94776d2b476c20fb2547e7cb5ebf692)
  49. Minor Cleanup bee and tree commands (commit: 3d4ba157519ab0b93c189b1340b16e54fce8c421)
  50. Fix some mail glitches. Check valid addresses for writing letters (commit: 344e842764d03b520cbd42811bb77899de422e76)
  51. Remove ClassMap and EntityNetData (commit: 84da3cc9393c2b2026afde0117468b53f4e94361)
  52. Remove unused defaults (commit: 364ed4cf53ae0711d6395dab69a832ecf57d5092)
  53. Fixes #369 The Solding Iron and other Cicruit stuff should no longer crash if no layouts are defined. (commit: ccdcce47cc77eb24102234c55d6d52ec7df89d50)
  54. Bump version (commit: d4b8c6b5032d1c813f265a5b6797493a25e3c915)
  55. For whatever reason the Potion.isBadEffect() reflection was giving me generics related compile errors. This fixes it. (commit: aaa00d01842b7c9be16f7c53d7dccb88cf7d2d8b)
  56. Finish Inventory cleanup (commit: 344bb7514bce3744ee4ffc675eb3ad2c2c46a07b)
  57. Clean imports (commit: c7d88d73d3f6f467bc2e1d483baa15b123f545a4)
  58. Attempt to fix issues with structure inventories. (commit: 89c3fb8bdf8a62b31b64957216266c46a1e43ec5)
  59. Remove unused config options, fix enableBackpackResupply option (commit: 35afdc66b8b7259fd72b1c03e538bba4779f9345)
  60. Cleanup TODOs (commit: 45f167754a92c3481efbc7479aeccb4ee3ec985f)
  61. Fix faulty pipe selection randomizer in moveOneItemToPipe() (commit: 947717873dde8f94c460e3be32d5cc60f5f00d05)
  62. Improve ErrorStateRegistry (commit: 4e963ca6e1605dca4e67c81e26878833915b8f85)
  63. Fix #376 Farm Hatch does not accept any items (commit: 2d8cadea2667ae7eb226b7af9595153b7ad44738)
  64. Fix #377 Centrifuge, Peat Engine, Analyzer won't accept items (commit: a1cf0ddf779a92e9a2836557cc4ce046acc112b0)
  65. #232 #373 Stop shipping the BuildCraft API in Jar (commit: e55b21028e519b0f6c872d07596679e96ee9c8d5)
  66. Fixes #378 Alveary should ensure it has a an inventory before it tries to read item into it. (commit: 8406073107d9e45f198687116fb5b3c6bcc8be9a)
  67. Fix usage usability checks to account for access setting. (commit: 06549d1e2dcbcaad3f929516d77f3a62b45b5010)
  68. Fixes #379 Clean up and fix Naturalist Chest (commit: db0ab5fedab253f638d6d029c86116000db403fa)
  69. Clean up pollination. Add pollination for vanilla Acacia and Dark Oak (commit: 90f80da4dae08f95959e1c1cb6862671bef0664d)
  70. Clean up Split Vect into MutableVect and (immutable) Vect. (commit: 08555326b2738b54fd8c6461649edbd365d7cf35)
  71. Fix #383 Fermenter crash when opening the gui (commit: 46348fca07da7ed87ee531ec8570501cebb8bc35)
  72. Fix #384 Client crash at forestry.farming.gadgets.TileHatch (commit: d63377532cebc439bb097a576da8f9c9295dae25)
  73. Fix #385 Server crash when opening AlvearySieve (commit: 71dcbdf0e45f5e9a988a01e104adb963dd5b7d8e)
  74. Remove unused imports (commit: 483a21cd7d83e5b7ad437c6b8c505bcd4b00f2f8)
  75. Fix drawing bee icons in the Imprinter (commit: 09df969bcf4895c8faf1c99ca7f174466aa2e363)
  76. Simple Cleanup (commit: e2fff11ea81e8d2a519b18deff2f0343b60cc53a)
  77. Minor bugfixes (commit: 4cfa8f733871c9faf625cacd770391f0d4652431)
  78. Fix #387 bee tooltip shows wrong humidity tolerance (commit: 26ff21f4467178b8a30ef3a79fbc13971ddd8283)
  79. Cleanup (commit: 2f6969e1411cea93ffa2b65fe00e346929586a89)
  80. Move EnumFarmBlock to its own file (commit: d705f4f4dbd0ba9fdeeea9697d1c9a6885c35371)
  81. Fix #388 Multifarm not loading its inventory (commit: 8d5b19787e7f8d250a4d3190cd2b7fe2db6b4800)
  82. Fix #395 Crashes without BuildCraft (commit: 4432b0dac4744acb2131bec1df107165f5b6f20e)
  83. Fix #391 Some inventory slots have Xs when they're empty (commit: eb20049b6d21a2493a4bff962a49ca7d5403a302)
  84. Close #390 Forestry Fluids should have FluidBlocks (commit: 43bd2763899286767177441dcd96b1b7465ab9d7)
  85. Convert old honey using the still #390 (commit: 305be1b979460f3d59226840623d00b52f1d4e20)
  86. rename Fluids.get() to Fluids.getFluid() in preparation for refactor (commit: a4f7e4c5835255c7e48418eb8ee07151dc2477ff)
  87. Refactor fluids code, create PluginFluids (commit: 98e62aa1e346845e423a0b0d0d5b4067a1609fc2)
  88. Clean up Fluids comments. method name setDrink -> setProperties (commit: 20b2dcf9c3711b1c66998b8b60cc11320bd20848)
  89. TankManager.tankCanDrainFluid() should take the fluid type into account (oops) (commit: 62261a5b8f7ff7233a9e3696c1dd7c31ff541d2f)
  90. Remove Forestry API in prep for adding RF API as a submodule (changing the directory tree) (commit: ca64f8811341395486364c87f47239aa258a9a06)
  91. Remove API from the ignored folders (commit: a449e1b3b2b7fb94066fc5c9028e64e6f2e02a37)
  92. Readd APIs as submodules (commit: 70d8d76934b6d8ccc41323f34a98d986eea9dc8d)
  93. Remove Forestry API again because I derped it up (commit: 6d7f30ea6b91e524d7306105936b684983c72500)
  94. Readd Forestry API correctly this time. (commit: b23167d468bf567cd2bf0355115167372a303bf2)
  95. Remove RF API sources from repo (commit: 885fc1291ea83713c3755863816ae26188b66017)
  96. Fix Lang submodule default url to use the github protocol. (commit: 52994b2a39d69d84bd6663852162f2d676f39572)
  97. Update build.gradle with the submodule changes....clean up api inclusion code (hacks on top of hacks! one hack adds APIs to the jar while another is removing it lol) (commit: 0fcd1517768d027d31aef65d98c1178c27039cb5)
  98. Use HTTPS for git subomdules (commit: 8fe121f8b9ddf6702695993571a36dd7c1977a48)
  99. Fix #399 Middle clicking Forestry slabs gets the wrong slab (commit: 1c6d55931d4ec58be2beaf122d26785c0e97348a)
  100. Fix #405 Alveary should only be made with wooden slabs (commit: 68f61ab9ab84adf68584f306e26c05922d37af96)
  101. Add better logs for invalid genome errors #400 (commit: 77295ab74e337677dd24ac6f5fa81c8b701deb04)
  102. Fix #406 locked worktable recipes sometimes become unlocked (commit: 1430becdff87763c23988201b0356d7ea5405e76)
  103. Fix #394. Add shift-for-more-info on long tooltips (commit: 107047a04cf5bc5938e8e5bd4c276a19ceafc581)
  104. Close #392 Generate Crate Icons Automatically (commit: e4b8342e1ca20937eebea97665e784444a1af3da)
  105. Only need one crate renderer instance (commit: f2d315c251923b254b3bc638022b581c3c136515)
  106. Grab and insert the Buildcraft License file into the jar (commit: eefd71ef567c4975a0a65e9c1eb80f5a2a231379)
  107. Fix #397, Fix #404, GUI showing incorrect genetic info (commit: bcaaf251c66b924f9aec31f109a44c39b41e5a33)
  108. Clean up crates code (commit: 7b93aca1e60bc6caa8f25fc7c45a6a0cec6a5b84)
  109. Close  #354 Add Crated Potatoes and Crated Carrots (commit: 7183d734f0a2918e8cba7c2d36c0dec66a2bb0c5)
  110. Minor cleanup in MachineCarpenter (commit: d652cd7a9baef2d42575519a3cc526fd1b93533b)
  111. Expose crate registration to the API (commit: 676361928940f257720a61e796362e1941bad09e)
  112. Fix #393 Farm block icons are sometimes black (commit: e23a38e1f1905f3d6e9ef90cf3c739317f0651f5)
  113. Minor Cleanup (commit: f5a73db68d0c87676b142222ec319033e3ab1632)
  114. Fix #409 Custom book duplication on Worktable crashes client (commit: d32530caba35f55848b983d6ffd84f450b02761d)
  115. Fix worktable lock icon rendering poorly over enchanted items (commit: 6346039f144fc3e9b3290a25c6edd0c5e04b5c16)
  116. Fix #407 Crash after naming a new Trade Station (commit: defbdc8e71e6549dbe219194a22e0053ac55a3e3)
  117. Cleanup (commit: 550462221cf5e8d9fa9d8c5449f812aa9d2533c2)
  118. Fix #408 Bronze and Copper storage blocks break into Apatite blocks (commit: 36508a191adeea7ab60caffb1f322e940a044561)
  119. Update development Forge (not the required version) (commit: 3c5c62425129eb802df80e0985fadcfa389db357)
  120. Cleanup (commit: e78021510070c6a41304d1bec01fc84a24e181bf)
  121. Improve GUI ItemStack rendering. Fix tooltip hover area (commit: 00c444a46dde332764af1da49b9df57f82a02aea)
  122. Fix #410 Catalogue has glitched text (commit: d55b1190192caecba94a79d20c1770c1b0e7d6af)
  123. Use EnumChatFormatting values instead of unicode text (commit: 8f1b1e03f493f44eb3d4d1c21531f072c0b45bb8)
  124. Fix console spam (commit: 17182cc2b224da78f31fb379df8f15e17adde8eb)
  125. Fix catalog display bug introduced in the previous fix (commit: daa3ab13bebbb68293f7494b329159e28dda3c73)
  126. Fix #411 Trade Station does not show its name in the GUI (commit: 0d1d8295b45dc8048ca750fadd64c3fbfc91be46)
  127. Fix OpenGL stack overflow in worktable (commit: a2938d8e55e12363da700d7e8b1e0aaecf45412f)
  128. Fix #413, Fix access permissions (commit: 291fa986392c81cacd5c6a133bd80ac180f16873)
  129. Close #414 add better shift click for trade station (commit: 2b3b590cf48eed6ee46bbfb39379b51990f1ad2e)
  130. Giant Inventory Refactor 2. Slots will only accept valid items (commit: c54b7c40bb806b9b87750dcc0645f59fceae19b3)
  131. Don't register fluids that are not Forestry's. #420 #422 (commit: a9fbfbbe7453d12787ba7c32ccb093e13e3540f1)
  132. Fix #423 Mushroom growth crashes in rare cases (commit: e8fa5ebca90b7f0d120f637bacad01f6f19934f0)
  133. Add grammars for wood products, generalize for new trees (commit: 9af62513e5cf4a07de4a9c65de2071e45825bd8a)
  134. Fix #298. xupaosso  - Add Ipe, Padauk, Cocobolo, and Zebrawood trees (commit: f862485a055e199045a7a97d2f1d3acacd26dc1c)
  135. Fix #426 Throttle the speed of the Generator accepting liquid containers (commit: d436657556a5077e98046ca3e64b9d6c72e742e7)
  136. Fix #428 Electrical Engine shows "no fuel" when inactive (commit: e00d96ff08c74d5c4cac07f6ec3b36763c7292da)
  137. Fix #429 Filled capsules are placed in armor slot when inventory is full (commit: 8cbb94aed0a2399091e2a0a7f1a7714417a88e9c)
  138. Add info about disabled plugins on crash reports (commit: ca9c99c2832ba24a2519d78d1686dbf4604e829f)
  139. Close #271. Improve usability of the Escritoire (commit: f2395d27a83806c4d9707c350622955055b9a9b2)
  140. Fix  #417 Villager Beekeeper House Crashes with Arboriculture disabled (commit: 5326e41c9f4849e404ce348bc1dc0410de4a2eab)
  141. Fix #430 farm hatch should only automatically output downward (commit: e77f62d8e7cb78b6a29f30efcb4f66489936a890)
  142. Fix #432 Client crash when crafting fence with new planks (commit: 7981288250cc5d19d56b38168441fdd730653d48)
  143. Fix #435 machines consume thermal expansion tanks on right click (commit: 3850b1b1727d1da48b59a9061963bac6361e426e)
  144. Fix #437 Warnings from bee villager house construction (commit: d536d5cf46feb36996bcb42b4f912e25d41086bf)
  145. Fix #439 Some Drones have GEN tag (commit: 960b322e868163cdc7f9506094fb519fcdd29675)
  146. Fix #431 Leaves become invisible when they start to decay (commit: e5979367ee2bb7f0c7ab4902ca090386c18f435f)
  147. Fix #433 Stairs have wrong pick-block and Waila name (commit: 080e026285d36cc8a6bde764212e97b43314551c)
  148. Fix #436 Tooltip order for trees should match treealyzer order (commit: 24ca3d20f3e357414240998895168cbc331d29ea)
  149. Add generation count to bee tooltips for bred bees. (commit: 92d53626cea0414a77dea585e707e32151d3c431)
  150. Allow disabling Factory Module (commit: 0fc61f46b05d4db144bdef89df38e27e094c8de2)
  151. Minor render optimization for stopped engines (commit: 58a8b29bbf9d6ccffa079140a994cdd9781581c6)
  152. Fix pipette display. Updates icon on click, shows fluid amount tooltip (commit: 852604e9d4e9ae168b19cfb1f2e90ecb2fe22556)
  153. Update lang (commit: 8edd081de6c3024c0cbb12af07a0846bf686097b)
  154. #443 Squeezer should not squeeze if it has no room for the liquid (commit: ec111e38c3a7affe3d66c5b9b776a072075af363)
  155. Improves #431 Calling markBlockForUpdate() on the server is unneccesary, plus other optimizations. (commit: 8dc81b53d6d7dd4ea6ebe5cf9b56d1521aa580ec)
  156. Issue #431 Restore mezz's original fix, with a TODO comment (commit: b41646540c64f95cac756961a493c027bbdff06a)
  157. Fix #444 Upper half slabs render incorrectly (commit: 4c72917c05d8f6b44efbfe4e2d6527fe73c0de3a)
  158. Issue #431 Work around no longer required, fix merged into Forge 1.7.10- and 1.8- (commit: 0a68dc03072cc6cd6f19eb66d508ac77eff6a22f)
  159. Fix #445 Beehouse and Apiary do not detect hellish biome (commit: 98372c3e0833941eaef013fe31fd1a6f7cbfaeef)
  160. Update development Forge version (commit: fae3b3d24e770f734c400be08f805f79b93c0d88)
  161. Clean and simplify the implementation of hives through the API (commit: 04d6b979aba44bab4384cf07589b1c9f6413c27e)
  162. Shuffle the order that hives try to generate (commit: b3fbadce84050595d8e4f8f4a7d5f750383a191a)
  163. Fix #135 Feature for adding Forestry resources to existing chunks (commit: d94a688f287b260e9a2bddc6dbdc6e3ae1efb21f)
  164. Improve hiveGen debug setting (commit: a3ae2b797fec5889902968511bc177e09e4af3a5)
  165. Skip hive postGen when in hiveGen debug mode (commit: 61704192fe830185dd59c9916762fa6a37ea2eac)
  166. Fix forced retrogen not disabling itself after being set (commit: 9cd3b9af5b04823fc4068b3442ae09caf951d780)
  167. Update developer forge (commit: 122af6d72de93d58a1977a38f9c91618671e16f9)
  168. Fix #452 Opening a multiblock inventory momentarily places a block (commit: 2a35b05ec19656ed29c9f53a240a2ef52b2997b9)
  169. Fix #446 Special products don't align in beealyzer (commit: 8977d04de00bcf65f8e54305d60c9673a27af754)
  170. Add Fermenter support for Barley, Natura Saplings (commit: baa70ece6d218093d6b1d4f797a48f1dc456e460)
  171. Fix #454 Forestry fences don't connect to fence gates (commit: f46bcf228c969472665ed9209e02422c724e0a19)
  172. Fix #455 Item duplicating by letters (commit: e1758f63cd9ddfe0c68648e0867de0d9982939ad)
  173. Fix #456 Pipes cannot extract from Farm Hatch (commit: 1601136304b6ecf52a5839350332244e7fbf58c4)
  174. Fix deprecation warnings from Forge (commit: 10678d64697bc82a08644595282d9c9939d9da61)
  175. Update for BuildCraft 6.3 (commit: 1e9952e908983ff8ef9f8e3791a0f0f83ced57d9)
  176. Fix submodule issues (commit: 13ae9ece471f047d4e66fa0a0935dec8ab13a625)
  177. Set version to 3.4 (commit: 2565eea5ba13bfcebd9e4fb234dd5d1ee8272086)
  178. Fix possible reservoir crash from thermionic fabricator (commit: 9a36381ce0f3bd5ab37f8c3d881f6378c032e38f)
  179. Fix #465 crash after closing catalogue and opening another item gui (commit: a55b2645b749098c0c7295a175838250773a9a5a)
  180. Fix #467 Carpenter automation (commit: 389e5e01e731ff7e3370033bf706b69670c74680)
  181. Fix #472 Crash with Thaumic Tinkerer Ichorium Axe (commit: c4140ef9c3d5588c74b8c347926552f02076b2bc)
  182. Fix #470 Engines don't output to other mods' machines (commit: 65c7f0242cd1fd6befba8378c5ceecb4f26ed85a)
  183. Close #457 Add config option for village generation (commit: d30007822770c2c5837547703e9b1f655ffda609)
  184. #457 Add config option for village generation (forgot lumberjack) (commit: e6cbced8a24f311870c4931b97f2c84cb1716098)
  185. Fix crash from missing block when a plugin mod is uninstalled (commit: eb010094ca32ff570f7377429586713e217bb705)
  186. Fix bee biome temperature check for nether biomes (commit: 98a2d9c65e39cf6f3624ba5458cedb1a3638e05f)
  187. Fix #479 Try to make sure hives are always glowing (commit: 060ca1eb80a9d2da9a7084cc1cc7bdcdde35abb9)
  188. Fix #480 Increase hive spawn rate 25%, add config option for spawn rate (commit: 1bd3b61df969d53b6fcc5504dfa0cc9fb3227203)
  189. Update lang (commit: fcad67a1c2a096893e8d0a828ecf8404cff18145)