Forestry 4.0.0


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    Sep 27, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8
  • Java 7
  • Java 6


Changes to watch out for if you upgrade existing worlds:


Wood items will break (logs, planks, slabs, fences).
Multiblocks will lose their inventories and may need to be broken and rebuilt.
Forestry Stained Glass has been removed.
Apiarist's pipe has been moved to BuildCraft Compat for BuildCraft 7.
Farms are slightly smaller than last release, and there is a config option in common.cfg called `tweaks.farms.size`.

Major Features:


Multiblock code has been rewritten and is now based on Big Reactor's multiblocks library, Beefcore.
That means Alvearies and Farms will instantly detect when they are built!
It was a huge undertaking but it fixes many tiny bugs, weirdnesses, and mysteries.
Farms in particular are much more stable.


Added Machine upgrades for the Squeezer and Centrifuge using circuit boards. (Nirek and Mezz)
There are three tubes used for upgrades:
Golden Electron Tubes decrease energy use by 10%.
Emerald Electron Tubes increase speed 12.5% and increase power per action by 5%.
Blazing Electron Tubes increase speed 25% and increase power per action by 10%.
With four tubes per circuit board, you can double the processing speed of these machines, which should help a late-game bottleneck in automation.
Since power is used per-action, the speed-upgraded machines use a lot more power.


NEI Integration is built-in. (Tonius and Mezz)
This includes recipes for Forestry machines, but not the NEI Addons stuff like breeding info.
Now Forestry can change its internal recipe code like crazy without breaking NEI.

Minor Features:


Highly optimized the performance of bees.
Boost mutation chances by researching mutations in the escritoire.
Better compatability with Agricraft, Growthcraft, Plant Mega Pack, Immersive Engineering (Nirek)
Chests have a new look, matching the style of vanilla wooden chests. (Ganymedes01)
Allow pipe automation of chests.
Config files are moved to Forge's cfg format and have support for localization.
Added flower configs for each type of flower accepted by bees.
Enable lighting for TESRs.
Bee particles radiate outwards more along the ground instead of randomly into the sky.
Many Bees with effects radiate particles matching their effect.
Make Naturalist's eye effect prettier (different colored leaves instead of grey leaves).
Allow pipe automation of the Rainmaker.
Rearranged Beealyzer and Treealyzer GUIs to use full-size text instead of tiny text.
Added fireproof versions of all Forestry wood items.
Make villager roofs and fences out of Forestry materials instead of oak.



Machines with circuit boards will drop them when broken.
Leaves on large trees will not start decaying prematurely.
Engines output power more evenly to fit in with the RF ecosystem better.
Fix rendering of stairs and fences held in the hand.
Remove small particles that prevented players from increasing their graphics mipmap level.
Fix bonemealing of saplings, fruit pods, and leaves taking tons of bonemeal.
Fix invisible saplings when placed.
Fix villager apiaries appearing inactive and losing their bees on world reload.
Fix vines on generated trees (they either didn't show up before, or ate into the tree canopy).
Fix farm particles appearing in all dimensions.
Fix range of packet updates so they always reach players who have that chunk loaded.
Fix machine's energy display to show stored energy properly.