Votifier - Forge Version

Forge Voting is a Forge Mod that works similiar to the Votifier Bukkit Plugin but has been rewritten from scratch.


With this mod you can give out rewards to players who have made a vote on a Minecraft Server ranking list.


Reward Types:

Currently there are 3 types of rewards:

 - Command Reward: executes a command

 - Item Reward: gives the player an Item

 - Chat Reward: prints a message to chat (only visible to the player who made the vote, can be toggled via the "broadcast" flag; also supports tellraw format if "tellraw" flag is true)


Setting up Voting for your Server:

Just open the file /config/votifier/.ssh/id_rsa.pub and paste it's contents into the votifier config on the voting page.

PermissionsEx node for the vote command (there's only one node for /vote and /vote claim): com.github.upcraftlp.votifier.command.commandvote


Configuring Rewards:

Rewards are stored in JSON-Configuration files in /config/votifier/rewards.

This is the default reward configuration that is created on first launch. You can modify it or add more files there.

    "rewards": [
            "type": "item",
            "name": "minecraft:diamond",
            "count": 2,
            "nbt": "{display:{Name:\"Reward\",Lore:[\"Hello @PLAYER@,\",\"This is your\",\"voting reward from\",\"@SERVICE@\"]}}"
            "type": "command",
            "command": "gamemode 1 @PLAYER@"
            "type": "chat",
            "message": "[{\"text\":\"@PLAYER@\",\"color\":\"dark_aqua\"},{\"text\":\" just voted on \"},{\"text\":\"@SERVICE@\",\"color\":\"dark_aqua\"},{\"text\":\" and received their daily reward! get yours using \"},{\"text\":\"/vote\",\"color\":\"green\"},{\"text\":\" or by clicking \"},{\"text\":\"here\",\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"open_url\",\"value\":\"https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/293830\"},\"hoverEvent\":{\"action\":\"show_text\",\"value\":{\"text\":\"click to vote!\",\"color\":\"aqua\"}}},{\"text\":\"!\"}]",
            "broadcast": true,
            "tellraw": true
            "type": "chat",
            "message": "Congratulations @PLAYER@!\nYou just earned your daily reward!",
            "broadcast": true



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