Fossils and Archeology: Revival 6.3.2


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August 20, 2014

6.3.2 is released. This update is to mainly address some crash bugs found in the 6.3.1 release. On top of that, the terror birds were added in along with some other minor changes. I attempted to address some mod compatibility with enchantments, though I'm not sure how effective the changes were.

6.3.2 Change log - 

Added Terror Birds with Gastornis, Phorusrhacos, Titanis, and Kelenken subspecies
Fixed NPE error when right clicking animals with an empty hand.
Fixed Fossil Block dinosaur bone drops only dropping Triceratop bones.
Fixed Compsognathus model.
Rib Cage armor requires any dinosaur rib cage in the center slot and any vertebrae below it.
Attempted to fix enchantments not playing nice.
Tweaked food search range for dinosaurs.
Added quagga meat.
Added "eat" sound when dinosaur fills their hunger meter.
Added all egg objects to Ore Dictionary as "foodEgg"
Quagga will try to avoid Terror Birds.
Quagga drop quagga meat
Dodo wings, quagga meat, terror bird meat will analyze
Tweaked eat code.
Tweaked food/heal values for dinosaur diets.
Tweaked diets for all carnivores - they now will eat any meat item on the ground.
Coelacanth from Cultivators will now give you a random type.

Such an incredibly short change log this time! Some changes were made to the eat code, so dinosaurs should be more likely to search for items and blocks on the ground. Also are the usual caveat for 1.7 builds. While I believe they're pretty stable at this point, be careful to backup any worlds before using them.

There are 4 sub species of terror bird. The Gastornis uses pumpkin blocks to tame, while the other three, more carnivorous birds, require raw quagga meat to tame. The Phorusrhacos, Titanis, and Kelenken will try attacking horses and quagga on sight.