Fossils and Archeology: Revival 6.4.0


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    Sep 1, 2014
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Supported Minecraft 1.6 Versions

  • 1.6.4


September 1, 2014

6.4 is now released. This update is primarily to fix a client crash regarding rendering dinosaur bones items. Along with this are more changes to dinosaur models and the addition of the Allosaurus.

6.4 Change log - 

Fixed bug where dropped dinosaur fossil items resulted in client crash
Fixed dinosaurs reporting as child, even as adult
Fixed water mobs leaping 50 feet out of the water for food
Fixed trex/spinosaurus skeletons not being able to be broken with fists
Smilodons should no longer despawn
Added new Dutch translation, thanks to DragonH
Added tooltip to icons inside the Dinopedia
Added Allosaurus
Added Compsognathus feather option
Added Velociraptor feather option
Added biome specific egg spawns for Triceratops
Added biome specific egg spawns for Dilophosaurus
Added biome specific egg spawns for Stegosaurus
Added Gallimius skeleton model
Raptors leap forward when attacking
Tweaked Spinosaurus model
Tweaked Compsognathus model 
Tweaked Deinonychus model
Tweaked Gallimimus model, added feathers
Tweaked Liopluerodon model
Tweaked Trex model, added feathers
Tweaked mammoth texture, fixed flickering tusks
Changed Triceratops model
Changed Velociraptor model
Changed Stegosaurus model

Version was bumped to 6.4. One of the crashes in the previous version involved the client crashing when trying to render an dinosaur item that didn't exist. All items that caused this crash will now show up as Allosaurus bones. A note for 1.6.4, due to some ID conflicts, Pig Syringes from previous saves will end up appearing as Allosaurus Eggs, Pig DNA will appear as Allosaurus DNA.