Fossils and Archeology: Revival 8.0.0


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    Feb 9, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2



-Updated to 1.12.2

-Rewrote a large portion of the mod’s code

* This update is NOT compatible with 1.7.10 saves and requires LLibrary 1.7.17.


New Mobs

-Added Meganeura

-Added Megalograptus

-Added Megaloceros

-Added megalania (V. priscus)

-Added megalodon (O. megalodon)


Revised Mobs

-Readjusted every mob’s size (now judged by height instead of length)

-New Sarcosuchus model

-New Tyrannosaurus model

-New Deinonychus model

-New Velociraptor model

-Removed Tyrannosaurus feather toggle

-Added Dryosaurus feather toggle

-Made Triceratops quills false by default

-New Dodo skin

-New Quagga skin

-New terror bird (and Gastornis) skins to be 12% more intimidating

-New Confuciusornis skin (and wing folding animation!)

-Minor texture tweaks to Brachiosaurus, Compsognathus, Elasmotherium, Parasaurolophus, and Stegosaurus

-Plesiosaurus no longer breaks blocks

-Pachycephalosaurus is no longer rideable

-Liopleurodon no longer requires a scarab to tame

-Spinosaurus 1-shots on a random chance instead of all the time


Bug fixes

-Fixed quaggas not jumping

-Fixed embryo in culture vat not rendering sometimes

-Fixed placing dinosaur eggs in walls

-Fixed screen turning white with skull helmet on

-Fixed weird stone tablet hitboxes

-Fixed Anu shield attack creating nether portals

-Fixed ancient stone brick stairs texture issue

-Fixed iced stone not spawning properly

-Fixed Sarcosuchus sleeping all day so it’s now 12% more intimidating

-Fixed feeders not working

-Fixed semi-aquatics not returning to land

-Fixed aquatics getting stuck at the bottom

-Mood affects breeding (Overcrowding making them unhappy? Then they won’t have babies!)

-No more toy obsession

-Fixed Frozen Meat not breaking



-New look to the academies and jungle Aztec temples

-New archeologist villager house

-New moai look due to stone brick stair fix



-Added custom F/A banners to make your world 12% more intimidating

-Updated Spinosaurus and Velociraptor DNA sprite

-Made mobs use the vanilla loot table system

-Dispensers can place tar liquid

-Added Parrot, Llama, Polar bear and Rabbit DNA, egg, embryo items


-Tar slimes are extra flammable

-Expanded the oredict list of plants and meats mobs can eat

-Fossil Blocks spawn more frequently in mesas

-Sifter can sift sand and dirt blocks from other mods

-Added Palaeoraphe doors and fences

-Added Thaumcraft Aspect Support

-Added JEI support for all mod machines

-Added Tinker’s Construct support with custom materials and modifiers