From The Ashes V2.0.0B-R


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    From the Ashes Contingency
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    Aug 19, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


New Main Menu
New Quest Book Texture


This is a testing release, buildings and oregen are yet to be finished, so a world restart will be necessary in a future update,
Report any issues to

-Updated mods
-Open Modular Turrets
-Vein Miner
-Electrical Age
-Not Enough Resources
-Recurrent Complex
-Journey Map
-Carpenters Blocks
-Another Ore Bites the Dust
-Thermal Recycling
-Thermal Expansion
-Project Red
-NEI Integration
-Malisis doors
-Immersive Integration
-Iguana Tweaks
-Eirai Irc
-Waila Harvestability
-Simply Jetpacks
-Not Enough Wands
-Fast Leaf Decay
-Advanced Rocketry
-Lib Vulpes
-Mouse Tweaks
-Crafting Tweaks
-Modular Powersuits
-Resource Loader
-Custom Main Menu
-Buildcraft Silicon,Core,compat
-Storage Drawers

-In Game Wiki (Not fully documenting, will be replaced with quests)
-Chicken Chunks(replaced with FTButils)
-Aroma Backup(replaced with FTButils)