FTB Banners

Lets you add simple, server controlled floating images in world with commands. This mod can be used in maps to display banners on events, e.g. completing all tasks in a quest-based map. Regular players can't use commands to change banners.



Command list:

  • /banner create <id> - Creates a banner. Recommended to use snake_case for ID.
  • /banner delete <id> - Deletes a banner.
  • /banner list - Shows a list of all banners in world
  • /banner set <id> [alpha value 0-255] - Sets visibility. 0 = invisible, 255 = fully visible. If alpha value is not provided, it will toggle between 0 and 255.
  • /banner rotate <id> <degrees> - Rotates the banner around its Y axis.
  • /banner move <id> <dimension> <x> <y> <z> - Moves banner to dimension and position
  • /banner wind <id> <wind strength 0.0-1.0> - Changes how much the banner moves
  • /banner size <id> <width> <height> - Changes banner size in blocks.
  • /banner image <id> <domain:path> - Changes image. Currently doesn't support http/https images, you need to add them using Resource Loader mod or resource packs.


If you are looking for a mod that lets you add your own images in minecraft, see this mod.

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