Enabling Ranks

They are enabled by default, but if they aren't, set Enabled & Override Chat to true in config/ftbutilities.cfg.

While //Comments are used in examples, they won't work in actual files, and will be removed by mod.


To add permission to rank simply write the node below rank definition and add value after : 

Command Permissions

Command permissions are special and generated every time server loads. For example /heal permission would be command.ftbutilities.heal, because it was added by FTBUtilities mod and command name is heal. Tree commands are supported, e.g., /ranks get LatvianModder would be command.ftbutilities.ranks.get. Vanilla commands don't have a mod name, so /gamemode would be command.gamemode.


ftbutilities.claims.block.edit.minecraft.sand: true
ftbutilities.claims.block.edit.minecraft.stone: false
ftbutilities.homes.max: 10
command.ftbutilities.heal: true

Will allow the rank to break sand in claims and use /heal, and deny the rank to break stone in a claims.


You can include all permissions from parent rank by adding extends parent_rank inside [rank]. You can only extend one rank.

Default Rank Assignment

Default ranks aren't required, but it's still recommended to use them. Add is default_player_rank or is default_op_rank inside [rank].

They basically tell what rank to use when player doesn't have any rank assigned.

You can have multiple tags, but those two are the only functioning ones, currently.


[player is default_player_rank] // This rank will be used for players that don't have a rank assigned
command.heal: true

[admin extends player is default_op_rank] // This rank will be used for OPs that don't have a rank assigned
command: true // Allows to use all commands

Chat Formatting

To change player name formatting from default <Player> to something more interesting, use ftbutilities.chat.name_format permission.

All permissions that you can use to modify chat message text:

  • ftbutilities.chat.text.color
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.bold
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.italic
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.underlined
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.strikethrough
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.obfuscated



ftbutilities.chat.name_format: "<&2Admin &l{name}&r>"
ftbutilities.chat.text.italic: true

Text Admin be added before player name with a space and both that text and name will be dark green, but the player name will be bold.

The result will be <Admin LatvianModder> Hello!, where:

  • Admin and LatvianModder will be dark green;
  • LatvianModder will be bold;
  • Hello! will be italic.