Enabling Ranks

They are enabled by default, but if they aren't, set Enabled & Override Chat to true in config/ftbutilities.cfg.

While //Comments are used in examples, they won't work in actual files, and will be removed by mod.

The ranks file is in local/ftbutilities/ranks.txt.


To add permission to rank simply write the node below rank definition and add value after : 

Command Permissions

Command permissions are special and generated every time server loads. For example /heal permission would be command.ftbutilities.heal, because it was added by FTBUtilities mod and command name is heal. Tree commands are supported, e.g., /ranks get LatvianModder would be command.ftbutilities.ranks.get. Vanilla commands don't have a mod name, so /gamemode would be command.gamemode.


ftbutilities.claims.block.edit.minecraft.sand: true
ftbutilities.claims.block.edit.minecraft.stone: false
ftbutilities.homes.max: 10
ftbutilities.claims.max_chunks: 30
ftbutilities.chunkloader.max_chunks: 15
command.ftbutilities.heal: true

Will allow the rank to break sand in claims and use /heal, and deny the rank to break stone in a claims.

See Example Config for a larger example file.


You can include all permissions from parent rank by adding extends parent_rank inside [rank]. You can only extend one rank.

Default Rank Assignment

Default ranks aren't required, but it's still recommended to use them. Add is default_player_rank or is default_op_rank inside [rank].

They basically tell what rank to use when player doesn't have any rank assigned.

You can have multiple tags, but those two are the only functioning ones, currently.


[player is default_player_rank] // This rank will be used for players that don't have a rank assigned
command.heal: true

[admin extends player is default_op_rank] // This rank will be used for OPs that don't have a rank assigned
command: true // Allows to use all commands

Chat Formatting

To change player name formatting from default <Player> to something more interesting, use ftbutilities.chat.name_format permission.

All permissions that you can use to modify chat message text:

  • ftbutilities.chat.text.color
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.bold
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.italic
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.underlined
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.strikethrough
  • ftbutilities.chat.text.obfuscated



ftbutilities.chat.name_format: "<&2Admin &l{name}&r>"
ftbutilities.chat.text.italic: true

Text Admin be added before player name with a space and both that text and name will be dark green, but the player name will be bold.

The result will be <Admin LatvianModder> Hello!, where:

  • Admin and LatvianModder will be dark green;
  • LatvianModder will be bold;
  • Hello! will be italic.

Minecraft color codes: