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Silent Lib is required for Minecraft 1.9+ (see Requirements section).




The main point of this mod is to add metal ores that will be needed by other mods eventually, so that these ores will already be in your world when you add a mod that needs them! No need to hunt for new chunks. Every ore is highly configurable and can be disabled individually. There are also some config options to disable entire categories of ores (they should be at the top of the file.)

There are also three "machines" currently. The Alloy Smelter, which is how you craft alloys, the Metal Furnace, which let's you get a little extra out of your ores, and the drying rack, which can be used to create leather and jerky. The Alloy Smelter and Metal Furnace run on furnace fuel, and other mods can add Alloy Smelter and Drying Rack recipes if they want to.

In version 1.1.0+, this mod also adds gears, plates, and additional alloys. I'm hoping this mod can provide a foundation of sorts for other mods and mod packs to build on!

Please note I only work on Minecraft 1.10.2 and higher at this point. No exceptions. Some blocks/items may not exist in older versions.


The versions for Minecraft 1.9 and higher require Silent Lib in order to function. If downloading through the Curse client, it should download automatically. Otherwise, make sure you download the latest version! For older version of Minecraft, you DO NOT need Silent Lib.




Metal Ores

The current metal ores are (left to right in screenshot): copper, tin, silver, lead, nickel, platinum, aluminium, zinc, titanium and osmium. Each metal has a corresponding ingot, nugget, block, dust, plate, and gear. All metals are also compatible with Silent's Gems: Extra Parts, allowing you to craft tools and armor from the ingots.

Meat Ores

Since I was already making a mod about ores, I decided to make ores that drop meat as well! Who doesn't want to eat porkchops they dug out of the ground, right? These ores also drop other items from their relevant animal, such as leather and wool.

In Minecraft 1.9+, the ores use the loot tables for their respective mobs. This means the ores will also drop items added by other mods! Additional drops can be added in the config file, and normal drops can be removed.

Current ores (left to right): pig, fish, cow, chicken, rabbit, sheep, squid, bat. Bat ore has a configurable chance of spawning bats.

These ores are fairly rare by default.

Mob Ores

And there are also ores that correspond to hostile mobs! Like meat ores, they are fairly rare and reference loot tables. Additional drops can be added in the config file, or normal drops removed. By default, the Enderman ore drops Ender Shards instead of Ender Pearls. Four Shards can be crafted into one Pearl. Blaze and Ghast ore are similar, dropping shards instead of the full item.

Current ores are (left to right, top to bottom) in the overworld: zombie, skeleton, creeper, spider, enderman, slime, witch, guardian. In the Nether: zombie pigman, ghast, magma cube, wither skeleton, blaze.



The Metal Furnace is capable if giving extra nuggets when smelting ores. The Alloy Smelter smelts alloys. They are "less powerful" than similar machines from other mods. This is by design. You are welcome to ignore/disable them if you wish. There's also a handy drying rack.

Fun Ores includes an API that allows mods to add alloy smelter and drying rack recipes. You do not need to ask permission to use it, but I would love to hear about your project!

Alloy Smelter

The Alloy Smelter... smelts alloys. Give it the ingredients and fuel, then wait. JEI recipe handler included! It is capable of pulling multiple items from a single stack. For example, place three copper ingots in a single slot, and one tin ingot in another to make four bronze.


Since the JEI recipe handler has a tendency to break down, I'll list the recipes here.

  • Bronze x4 - 3 copper, 1 tin
  • Brass x4 - 3 copper, 1 zinc
  • Steel x1 - 1 iron, 2 coal
  • Invar x3 - 2 iron, 1 nickel
  • Electrum x2 - 1 gold, 1 silver
  • Enderium x4 - 2 tin, 1 silver, 1 platinum, 4 ender eyes
  • Prismarinium x4 - 2 silver, 1 diamond (or 2 sapphires), 1 titanium, 12 prismarine crystals

Metal Furnace

The Metal Furnace is like an upgraded vanilla furnace. It cooks most items faster and with less fuel, except for ores. Ores take longer to smelt and use more fuel, but you get a random number of bonus nuggets in addition to an ingot! This will work for any ore that has a smelting recipe and is registered in the ore dictionary along with a corresponding ingot and nugget. For example, an ore registered as "oreCopper" smelts into "ingotCopper" and gives "nuggetCopper" as a bonus. The nugget doesn't even need to be from the same mod!

As seen above, Fun Ores adds an iron nugget, so you get a bonus from smelting iron.

Drying Rack

The drying rack is used for creating jerky, drying rotten flesh (which can then be made into leather), and drying sponges. Other mods can add additional recipes as well. Recipes show in JEI. Jerky textures courtesy of M4thG33k.

Right-click an empty drying rack with an item in your hand to place it on the rack. Right-click again to remove it. Different items take different amounts of time to dry. Drying racks also work faster in sunlight, so place them outdoors for maximum speed.

The drying racks are just a single block, there are 6 in this screenshot. I like to make them look nice, but you can place them wherever.


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