furniture by aviad1 (1.0.8 for MC 1.13 and above).zip


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    furniture by aviad1 (1.0.8 for MC 1.13 and above).zip
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    Dec 22, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions

  • 1.13.2
  • 1.13.1
  • 1.13



+ [Technical] Added /function destroy:all_r3, that destroys all furniture (and mobs) in the radius of 3
[Technical] Added furniture tag for all furniture, so in the future it'll be possible to create a command that destroys all FURNITURE in the radius of 3
[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.13.0.0: Oinking couches
[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.16.0.0: Gray couch can't be placed if crafted
[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.14.0.0: Chairs do not accept recipe provided
[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.08.1.0: Fixed "while Lamp" to "White Lamp"
[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.08.2.0: Fixed "Table Tamp" to "Table Lamp"
[Technical] Changed the way bug are registered

[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.11.0.0: Dark-oak cabinets don't render
[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.05.2.0: Cyan couches aren't sitable when facing west
[Bugifx] Fixed bug dp-fu.05.2.1: Cyan couches don't break properly
[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.12.0.0: Toilets are stack in an infinite loop when placed.
[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.10.1.0: Crafter doesn't break properly (Dropper is dropped)

+ Added turning chairs (in 16 different colors)
+ Added toilets
[Technical] Change the low-casing of all the furniture names.
[Bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.10.0.0: The crafter couldn't be collected in survival mode.

+ Added stools (The model is made by MonaLisa)
+ Added TV remotes
[Technical] Changed the way the resource-pack works.

+ Added (re)run message
+ Added showers
+ Added grandfather clocks

+ Added big lamps in 16 colors.
+ Added table lamps for another 15 colors.
[Technical] Changed the furniture names to be translatable. For example: "gray couch" is now "grey couch" if you use English-UK.
[bugifx] Fixed bug dp-fu.08.0.0: Fixed "qray couch" to "gray couch"
[bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.05.1.0: Lime couches aren't sitable when facing east
[bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.09.0.0: Resource pack says "???" instead of a description

[bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.03.0.0: Oinking chairs
[bugifx] Fixed bug dp-fu.04.0.0: Pig heads in sitable furniture
[bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.05.0.0: Black couches aren't sitable when facing east
[bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.06.0.0: Dark drawers
[bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.07.0.0: Errors about advancements in the game log

[bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.01.0.0: South and north are sometimes switched with couches
[bugfix] Fixed bug dp-fu.02.0.0: Couches don't break properly

Created the datapack.