IMPORTANT: Baubles is a required dependency


FyreCraft is a mod which aims to add interesting new content while without drastically changing the existing feel of the game


Cryptic Mushroom Discord:  https://discord.gg/Q725ZWs

Wiki: https://github.com/Fla5hFyre/FyreCraft/wiki

Official Testing Server IP:


Please note that all aspects of the mod listed on this page are only PARTS of it!


Currently the mod adds:

  • 4 new tools & armour materials
  • 10 new ores
  • 9 new biomes
  • 17 new enchantments, obtainable from a new enchantment table
  • Some other small stuff

So, what are some of the ores/biomes/enchantments?


  • Infernadium and Atlantium (same tier as Diamond, full armour sets give fire resistance and water breathing respectively)
  • Vulcanite (Better than diamond, full set gives strength)
  • Technetanium (Better than vulcanite)
  • Celestium Ore (currently used to make the Celestium Enchantment Table)
  • There are also some other less important material ores such as Icestone (drops ice, spawns in cold biomes) and Phosphite (glows, spawns everywhere)


A few of the enchantments:


  • Entities which hurt you get lit on fire
  • Fire duration = level * 3 (so level 3 would inflict 9 seconds of burn time)
  • Goes up to level 3
  • Used on: chestplates


  • Attacking entities heals your health
  • Health healed = level in hearts
  • Goes up to level 3
  • Used on: swords

Archer's Revenge

  • If you have arrows stuck in you, your arrow damage will increases
  • The more arrows you have stuck in you, the more damage you will do, up to a max of normal damage + 12 with more than 12 arrows stuck in you
  • Only level 1
  • Used on: bows


You get the idea, the list continues...


...which is why you should check out the wiki https://github.com/Fla5hFyre/FyreCraft/wiki



I won't go into detail about them, the names tell you pretty much everything.

  • Rocky Wasteland
  • Red Desert (+hills)
  • Mega Mountains
  • Tropical Lakes
  • Mushroom Grove
  • Crimson Grove
  • Volcanic Wasteland


Future plans:

  • More biomes
  • More ores
  • More enchantments
  • Mobs
  • Bosses
  • Dimensions


  • The GitHub is not updated regularly, due to me (FlashFyre) being the only developer :'( so don't bother will pull requests and stuff like "add/change x" because i've probably already done it.
  • If you want to report bugs or anything please let me know in Discord or in the comments here instead.
  • Don't use the FyreCraft world generator because it will crash your game :D
  • Use the mod on servers AT YOUR OWN RISK! It has not been properly tested. If you experience crashes/bugs let me know!

Stuff to keep by

  • You may not use any parts of the mod and claim them as your own
  • You may have a look at code on GitHub but you may not copy large quantities
  • If you would like to include this in a modpack/record a video of the mod/stream gameplay of the mod/use it on a server, you may, but ONLY if you let me know what you are doing first!


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