Galactic Ores


A small mod made in less a day to add ore to Galaxy Space addon for Galacticraft.


I made it quickly for my modded server so we can find something on planets/moons which don't have any ore on it. Each ore has an associated planet or moon from Galaxy Space (for texture match).


This mod doesn't generate ores by itself. It is meant to work with another mod which can do the ore generation, like COFH Core. It also doesn't add any new item or craft except smelting ores into ingots and crafting ingots into storage blocks. If you want to add them in crafts, use a mod like MineTweaker.


Follow the wiki to understand how to generate the ores using CoFHCore:


Note that Galaxy Space 1.0.9 and above require a specific config, I provide both config files in the wiki.


This mod is good for modpack makers who want to use Galacticraft and Galaxy Space. 


You can use it in your modpacks if you want.


NOTE: Currently blocks made from 9 items (storage blocks) can't be crafted back into their item counterpart. This will be fixed in 1.2 version of Galactic Ores.


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