Geko's Lasers 2



This mod adds laser tools and weapons to Minecraft.

This mod is in early development. You can get the latest stable build from this project page, or the latest development snapshot here. Please note that the development snapshot may not be stable.


Current dev build: Build Status 


A collection of recent builds can be found here.

Getting Started


To begin, you'll need some Laserite. Laserite is made by surround a diamond with glowstone dust, in a crafting window. This means that you'll need 1 diamond and 8 pieces of glowstone dust to start.


Once you have a few pieces of Laserite, you'll need a Component Manufacturer, a Laser Assembler, and a Furnace Generator (made with one piece of Laserite each, plus some other things).



Furnace Generator


Component Manufacturer


Laser Assembler



A third piece of Laserite will need to be smelted to create refined Laserite. This can then be dyed to change its color (which will change the color of the laser beam later on).




Dyed Laserite


Next, you'll need to make a small laser case and a heatsink in the Component Manufacturer. These parts can be made from a few different materials, and each material has slightly different stats. Combine the components made and the refined Laserite in the Laser Assembler (set to Small Laser) to create your first laser gun! This can be charged in any RF charger, or using the Furnace Generator.



Component Manufacturer


Laser Assembler


Furnace Generator


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