Several mods, such as Extra Utilities, add a bunch of cool glasses to your game. Like glass that you can see through but blocks light, glass that emits light, or even just glass you can clearly see through without needing a resource pack.


Have you ever wanted to get that cool stuff, but without all the overhead of putting a major content mod in your modpack? Well look no further than Glassential. Check the Image tab to see them all in action.


Currently adds the following glasses, with more planned:

  • Clear Glass: just a clean textured glass.
  • Luminous Glass: emits light, just like Glowstone.
  • Redstone Glass: emits a strong redstone signal, just like a Block of Redstone.
  • Dark Glass: doesn't let actual light go through, ideal for mob farms.
  • Ghostly Glass: non-solid to all entities of any kind.
  • Ethereal Glass: non-solid to players, perfect for doorways.
  • Reverse Ethereal Glass: non-solid to non-player entities, perfect for floors.

Additionally it also adds the Glass Cutter, which is like Shears but for glass blocks of any kind. It can pick up placed glass as if it had silk touch.


All items and glasses can be individually disabled in the config, if you don't want all of them or you already have other mods adding some. Glasses are also all fully compatible with ConnectedTexturesMod (which I highly recommend).


Mod spotlight by Trikzon:


You can find me in the MMD Discord server.


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