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[Works with All GT5/GT5u versions]

Does NOT add in any new world-generation for ANYTHING.

  • Adds plates and ingots for various materials to cover missing recipe cases.
  • Adds a Universal Battery, for converting RF<>EU in obscure use cases.
  • Adds a Powered healing device (Large swaths of EU for minimal hp. w.i.p.)
  • Adds Hot foods, which cool over time. Restoring more HP the cooler (Sometimes hotter) it is.
  • Sandstone Hammer - Breaks down Cobble and Sandstone.
  • Tunnel Digger - A 3x3 pickaxe substitute.
  • Tree Feller (Or whatever I called it) - Cuts down most trees and their branches. (Will happily add more tree support)
  • Adds many new materials;
    1 - Energy Crystal,
    2 - Blood Steel,
    3 - Staballoy,
    4 - Tantalloy (60, 61),
    5 - Bedrockium,
    6 - Quantum,
    7 - Potin,
    8 - Tumbaga,
    9 - Inconel (625, 690, 792),
    10 - Tungsten Carbide,
    11 - Tantalum Carbide,
    12 - Niobium Carbide,
    13 - Zirconium,
    14 - Zirconium Carbide,
    15 - Stellite,
    16 - Talonite,
    17 - Maraging Steel (250, 300, 350),
    18 - Zeron-100,
    19 - Hastelloy (N, W, X & C276),
    20 - Incoloy (020, DS, MA956)


Machines (There are multiple tiers of these)

  • Rocket Engines (single block diesel generators for higher tiers)
  • Safe Blocks (Protect your things, indestructible too)
  • Energy Buffers, because battery buffers are portable and hold nothing, seriously!
  • 4 Tiers of Chemical Dehydrators, for processing materials for nuclear fuel.
  • Fluid Storage Tanks, not quite as large as Quantum, but far cheaper.
  • SUPERCONDUCTIVITY! Experience lossless power transfers when using
    the new set of SuperConductor Wires and Phase Change Stations to handle
    your long distance/high capacity EU/t needs.


  • Industrial Centrifuge (High Tier Multiblock Centrifuge, for rapid material processing)
  • Industrial Electrolyzer (High Tier Multiblock Electrolyzer, for rapid material processing)
  • Industrial Material Press (High Tier Multiblock Bending Machine, for rapid material processing)
  • Industrial Wire Factory (High Tier Multiblock Wiremill, for rapid material processing)
  • Industrial Coke Oven (Because 20 Coke Ovens/Boiler is no fun, recipes are based on real Coke refinery processes)
  • Iron Blast Furnace (Allows you to skip the bronze one if you've got patience, may be faster than tin hunting)
  • Multiblock Matter Fabricator (Fancier than Gregs)


  • 3 new tiers of Circuits. (Makes recipe creation for late game stuff easier, but not for you)
  • 4 new tiers of machine components (Electric Piston/Pump/Motor/etc) (If Gt 5.8 is loaded)
  • 1 new tier of Battery (EV)
  • Custom Item Casings & GUIs for all machines. (fancy/flash/wow)
  • Adds a secondary Battery alloy.
  • Adds an alternative way to produce Helium.
  • Adds Gregtech 4 Content; the Personal Cloaking Device.


  • Adds four new Kinetic Windmill/Watermill Rotors, along with respective components.
  • Energetic Alloy, TungstenSteel, Vibrant Alloy, Iridium. (Respective mods required as per material)
  • Adds a Gregtech 5u Extruder shape specifically for Windmill Shafts.
  • Iridium Windmill lasts forever - Feel free to remove or change the recipes up.


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