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    Feb 3, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


This release is mainly focused on bug fixes and preparing for the regular release 4.1.

Release Contributors

  • Avatair
  • Alatyami
  • Deshiba
  • coro101

Snapshot History

20190121 - growthcraft-1.12.2-
20190120 - growthcraft-1.12.2-


  • Apple spawning has been more balanced.
  • Apple Trees are now compatible with Serene Seasons.
  • Started the work towards advancements.
  • Cheese Vat now has feet that extend out when over a air block or fire.
  • Snow no longer collects on a non-solid Growthcraft blocks.
  • Rope fences have been redesigned (code only).
  • Added integration for SereneSeasons.
  • Growthcraft now has a Korean translation, thanks to coro101.
  • Added JEI compatible recipe for Ricotta Cheese.
  • Added rice to the listAllRice ore dictionary.
  • Rice can now be bone-mealed.
  • Disabled spoiling of non-alcoholic fluids.
  • Added configuration options for Growthcraft Hops and Cellar.
  • Added fallback recipe handling for fermentation and brewing.
  • Removed brew kettle lid and barrel tap stacking restrictions.
  • Rice can now be harvested by right clicking a mature Rice Crop.
  • Added more honey extraction recipes.
  • Added decorative tap to fermentation barrels.

Bug Fixes

  • Major fixes to Apple Trees, leaves despawn, coloring is fixed, sheared leaves no longer produce apples.
  • Fixed fence connectivity issues with GC blocks.
  • Fixed bowl consumption with bowl based foods.
  • Fixed more missing recipes.
  • More missing lang fixes.
  • Fixed rope sound.
  • Fixed Thistle and Rope bounding/collision boxes.
  • Fixed some cheese textures, they no look more edible.
  • Fixed Rice Crop AGE steps.
  • Grape vines no longer break when no longer over farmland vs. dirt.
  • Fixed Apple Tree fruit drop direction.
  • Fixed honey pot being craftable with everything.
  • Fixed lang file translations for cheese wheels.
  • Cheese curds colors now match the block item counterparts.