Guard Illagers

Hello! Welcome to the "Guard Illagers" mod page! Why am I saying welcome? Because I suck at descriptions. 

THANK YOU For 150 downloads! As a celebration we released a 1.12.2 downport! :D

 (For the 1.13 version, you need to use the 1.13 Development version of Forge for the mod to work.)




anyway, Lets go talk about what's in this mod!


Illager Guards


two peaceful guards screaming endlessly in the blank void with text underneath and above them.




-Illager Guards that spawn in woodland mansion entrances and hallways!(1.12 exclusive)


-Attacks with iron swords, which can rarely drop. And shields! With their faces on them!(1.12 exclusive)


-Drinks healing potions when damaged, and swiftness to catch up with the player! (Which could also drop if killed while drinking.)


-Can open doors!


-Neat animations and custom sounds!(with cloak-banner-cape-thingy physics for 1.13! But sadly atm no sounds)


-And Rarely....It will drop it's helmet!


-A rare drop from the aggressive guards.


-When worn adapts to the players head, and shields the players perspective.


-A rather useful, uh, use...coming soon.



Features Planned for later versions of the mod:

- Another Unique Drop

-Being Stronger On Each Level Of The Mansion


-Wearing a guard helmet would fool Illagers and would have a smaller detection rate.


-And Much More Until The Proper Proje- oh no I said too much....








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