Hammer Core

Utility mod that contains really useful code for my mods.


This core provides:

  • Rendering API to make rendering way more efficient and easy.
  • Utility code, that I put in every mod. (will compact the size of modpack a little bit)
  • Sound API to make playing of sounds easier.
  • PacketAPI (no need to use ByteBuffers, now with NBTTagCompound!)
  • FluidDictionary to make fluid management easier
  • Fluid and Item Containers&Matchers to compare items using different properties: mod, item/fluid, ~damage, nbt, amount
  • Math utils (like Expression Evaluator [5+5*5=30])
  • Smooth gui progress bars for furnace and brewing stand
  • Multi-hitbox API for blocks that have multiple click areas
  • Multipart API - put all the things in one block. Even easier than FMP or MCMP! (Use Hammer Microblocks to make everything seamless)
  • Explosion API - we need big kaboom!!
  • Shader API - do everything fancy!
  • Recipe API - we don't need Craft Tweaker! (with easy-to-use modder API)
  • Wrench API - I don't depend on BC!
  • Config API - don't make crazy methods for loading configs. Keep calm and use annotations!
  • Book API - now making books is as easy as adding blocks!
  • World Gen API - generate world even easier, because it already has some presets for you, like ores.
  • Chunkload API - you can keep chunks loaded (for regular users, Use /hc_loadchunk <dim:int> <chunk x:int> <chunk z:int> <time:string(or -1t for unlimited time)(example: 1y2M3d4h5m6t - 1 year, 2 month, 3 day, 3 hour, 4 minute, 5 second and 6 ticks (1 ticks = 50 milliseconds))>)

Not enough? You can just view sources on github, it's free!


  • You can use this mod in your modpack.

Want to discuss anything? Joing my server on twitch!


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