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Harshen Castle(overworld)

It contains powerful traps, special mobs called Soul Shooter, Harshen Soul, Soulless Knight and the boss Kazzendre. Some vanilla entities can be found also. Contains many treasures, but hard to find their rooms. At the end, after the Kazzendre, there is a big treasure room. But you must kill the Kazzendre and get his special pickaxe to break the blocks to reach to the treasure room.

Can be found around X:350 Y:350


Jacob's Graveyard(overworld)

The graveyard of the boss Jacob, with other custom mobs. You should kill Jacob to obtain the special spade.



It's a ruin, that has a simple one loot chest with 2x custom mobs and 1x enderman.


Faux Cauldron(pontus world)

It's a ruin in Pontus World.


Ritual Ruin(pontus world)

It's a ruin in Pontus World.



Harshen Soul Ore(overworld)

Can be mined only with Kazzendre's special pickaxe(called Soul Harsher Pickaxe).

Drops Harshen Soul Fragment, used in rituals and recipies.


Jewel Dirt(overworld)

Found under water lakes. Drops randomly counted Diamond Shard and Emerald Shard.


Itium Ore(pontus world)

It's an expensive thing and found rare. Drops Itium.


Pontus Emerald Ore(pontus World)

Drops Emerald.


There are weapons, accessories, armors, foods, useful furniture blocks and many more things. So give it a try!


Forge 2758 and JEI is recommended at the moment.




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