This mod adds heart items that are dropped by all mobs on death (1.3+), if the player that kills the mob doesn't have full health (1.4+, configurable in 1.7+). More hearts can be dropped with higher looting levels ( The hearts can be picked up by the player to regain a heart of health, though the item never appears in your inventory, as it is deleted as soon as it is picked up. There is a 1 in 45 chance to drop a golden heart instead of one of the red ones, which will add 1 absorption heart and the chance can be decreased with looting levels (



( Mobs will drop 1 heart unless the mob implements IDropHearts, then they will be customizable by the mob creator.


Modpack Permission

This mod can be included in any modpack that downloads its' mods from Curse without explicit permission, such as the packs downloaded on the Twitch launcher. If the modpack does not download mods from Curse for each user, then you do not have permission to include this mod.



This mod is very much inspired by the heart items from Terraria that work in the same way.


The reason for "" being that and not "" like the others is because I messed up the ordering on the previous version names. It's not a mistake, it's not an error. I just wanted to fix the version names sooner rather than later.


Please do not post my mod on another site without asking me and having that request approved first.

If you find this mod on any sites other than the ones listed, I would appreciate being notified.

Shameful Plugs

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If you can't donate, that's completely fine. Just downloading the mod, adding it to a Twitch pack or playing a Twitch pack that includes it, is enough support.

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