Hexxit Gear

Hexxit Gear is specially designed armor mod for the Hexxit mod pack.


Original Credits: 

  • Coding by sct
  • Art by Cheapshot

The mod currently adds four armor sets, the Hexbiscus, and two crafting items.


To create these armor sets, you must scour the world for Hexbiscuses, and use the Hexical Essence dropped by these to craft Hexical Diamonds.  From these new diamonds, you can forge powerful new armor!


Wearing a full set of one type of armor gives the player differing potion effects, depending on the set worn. All pieces have the same durability and armor points as their diamond counterparts. The potion effects given are as follows:


All sets include Night Vision!

Tribal: Strength, and Jump Boost

Thief: Strength, and a special sneaking effect.

Scale: Strength, and Resistance

Sage: Fire Resistance, and Water Breathing


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