Hexxit Updated

Hexxit Updated is an unofficial updated version of Hexxit 1.5.2. Based on the original versions of Hexxit, I have compiled a set of mods which reassembles Hexxit to 1.12.2.


Not all mods have been updated to 1.12.2, but alternatives are added to follow suit.


If you have any questions, bug reports or suggestions, put it in the issues tab or join the discord group: https://discord.gg/QGDq7RU



How To Install

video by CraftStones


A Technic Launcher version is available here.


I have partnered with BisectHosting for server hosting, go here and use the code HSMC to get 25% off your first month!

Select a plan with at least 2GB and you're good to go!

If you have any questions, send a message in the discord channel ^.^


List Of Servers

FrankTheTank (Running Latest Version)
IP: electrohaxz.tk:2080
Discord: http://electrohaxz.tk/hexdc

If you have a public server, let me know in the discord server to have it placed here.
The rules are:
1. It has to be 24/7.

2. The server must be fair.
3. You have to be in the discord group for updates and whatnot.


- Diamonds are as common as Iron
- Many dungeons and dimensions to be explored


To improve performance further, install Optifine. It is not allowed to be placed in a modpack but you are able to download it yourself.

To pre-generate your world to remove lag due to extensive terrain generation requirements,
check out this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ak3MRPaXOaQ


List Of Mods & their links:

AbyssalCraft by Shinoow

AbyssalCraft Integration by Shinoow

Aether Legacy by 115kino

AppleSkin by squeek502

AutoRegLib by Vazkii

Backpacks! by Brad16840

Battle Towers by AtomicStryker

BetterFps by Guichaguri

BiblioCraft by JDSinclair

Biomes O' Plenty by Glitchfiend

Bookshelf by Darkhax

Carry On by Tschipp

Chameleon by jaquadro

Chisel by tterrag1098

Classic Combat by WildBamaBoy

ConnectedTexturesMod by tterrag1098

Construct's Armory by theillusivec4

Dimensional Doors by DimensionalDevelopment

Doomlike Dungeons by BlackJar72
Dungeon Tactics by PegBeard

Enchanting Plus by Darkhax

Expanded Plates by DimensionsInTime

FoamFix by asiekierka

Food Expansion by Lellson

Giselbaer's Durability Viewer by Thorgeig

Grappling Hook by Yyon

GraveStone Mod by EuhDawson
Hexxit Gear by Shadows_Of_Fire

Inventory Tweaks by Kobata

Iron Chests by progwml6

ItemPhysic Lite by CreativeMD

JourneyMap by techbrew

Just Another Rotten Flesh to Leather Mod by 456Xander

Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz

Magma Monsters by Kashdeya

MalisisCore by Ordinastie

MalisisDoors by Ordinastie

MalisisSwitches by Ordinastie

Mantle by mDiyo

Natura by mDiyo

Neat by Vazkii

No Recipe Book by Seneschal_Luwin

No More Recipe Conflict by Oliv1er

No Recipe Book by Seneschal_Luwin

OpenBlocks Elevator by VsnGamer

Ore Tweaker by EwyBoy

Placebo by Shadows_of_Fire

Quark by Vazkii

Recurrent Complex by Ivorforce

Reliquary by P3pp3rF1y

Rough Mobs 2 by Lellson

SecretRoomsMod by AbrarSyed

Soul Shards Respawn by TehNut

Storage Drawers by jaquadro

The Betweenlands by MrCompost

The Erebus by DylanKaizer

The One Probe by McJty

The Twillight Forest by Benimatic

Tinkers Aether by Shnupbups

Tinkers Construct by mDiyo

Toast Control by Shadows_of_Fire

ToroQuest by ToroCraft

Tree Chopper by DuchLord

VanillaFix by Runemoro

Waddles by Girafi

 Logo Link: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/5407075021094912/Original-Diamond-Sword


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