Highlands Integrator

Requires Highlands 2.2.3.


Allows for biomes to be manually registered with Highlands via a JSON file, useful if a mod does not register its biomes in a way Highlands understands.


Something like this:

    "parentId", 203,


You need to find the ID of the biome that is being registered (hopefully found in its mod's config file).

The weight uses the same scale for biomes found in the Highlands config file

Valid biome types include hot, warm, cool, cold, ocean, & sub

The type "sub" specifies it is a sub biome and the element "parentId" is needed to specify which biome it is a sub of.


I make no guarantee that all biomes will work, and I do not plan on adding built-in support for more mods at this time.



Built-in support is also included for Buildcraft 6 and Thaumcraft 4 (enable/disable-able in the config file).


Feel free to use in modpacks, notification is appreciated, but not required.


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