This mod allows ores from various mods to be used in the Industrial Craft Macerator to effectively double your ores. You can also put the new crushed ores in the Ore Washing Unit to more than double your ores.

It auto detects when one of the supported mods are installed, and adds the associated materials. So no configuration is needed and items from the other supported mods won't be added if they aren't installed. Because of that you could install only IC2 and this addon if you wanted to. But it wouldn't add any crushed ores because it didn't detect any of the supported mods.


Supported mods:

Advent of Ascension,

Divine RPG,

Arcana RPG,

Soul Forest


Planned features:

Nature's Revenge support,

and more...


Requires IC2 or IC2 Classic.


↓ Supporting your mod ↓

If you want me to support your mod in this addon then just request it, send a link to your mod, and I will add it to my list. If you provide the correct images for your mod (Four for each ore. One for crushed ore, purified ore, dust, and tiny dust.) then I will give it a higher priority at the top of the list.


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