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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2


  • Fixed Ice Dragon Skulls dropping Fire Dragon Skulls
  • Fixed extreme lag caused by dragon block breaking
  • Block breaking config now works
  • Nerfed dragon block breaking, when set to “weak” dragons cannot break anything harder than stone.
  • Added configs for dimensions for dragons to not be able to spawn in, same with snow villages
  • Added descriptions to config options to make them more understandable.
  • Config option for how much ore should generate in Dragon Caves
  • Dragons remain staying when players log off
  • Dragon sleepwalking fixed
  • Dragons holding players in their mouths for indefinite periods fixed
  • Naturally spawning dragons now fly within a 64 block radius around their spawn cave or roost
  • Lectern duplication fixed
  • Bestiary now gives introduction section when crafted, as intended
  • Silver armor nerfed, Dragon scale armor now better than diamond armor
  • Dragons that are placed with the Dragon Horn no longer fly immediately
  • Dragons no longer wander if they have been commanded to stay
  • Fix dragons spawning in nether
  • Fire dragons can no longer spawn in snowy biomes
  • Staying dragons can no longer take off
  • Dragons that died whilst flying no longer have hidden corpses
  • Dragons can only break blocks weaker than iron bars(so yes, iron dragon cages are possible)
  • Riders can no longer hit mounted dragons by accident
  • Dragon Slayer achievement now works
  • Killed by A Dragon achievement now works