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    Dec 25, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


-Added Myrmex. These five insectoid mobs form ravenous colonies across deserts and jungles, but can be traded with.

-All mobs added in this mod now use loot tables that can be configured with LootTweaker

-Fixed thaumcraft support not working

-Dragons are now multipart entities, and do extra damage when their head or tail is injured

-Added japanese translations

-Made dragon roar stronger

-Added config for tamed dragon hostility

-Added config for tamed dragon greifing

-Cockatrice now do Nausea II and Slowness I in addition to Wither III

-Fixed pixie duplication with silk touch

-Fixed dragons flying past config limit

-Fixed sickly dragon meal not working

-Fixed hippogryphs eating when it has full health

-Increased how much health cockatrice can heal

-Fixed dragon strikes hurting skulls and eggs

-Fixed massive server lag caused by sirens

-Fixed dangerous structure gen config not working

-Fixed dragons and their lairs replacing bedrock

-Fixed stymphalian birds not despawning on peaceful mode

-Fixed dragon egg and skull duplication bug

-Fix crash with PnuematiCraft

-Fix baby dragons being hurt by sword slash attack

-Fixed not being able to use nametags on pixies

-Fixed pixies not healing with sugar

-Fixed sapphire and silver blocks not being used for beacon bases

-Fixed adventure mode players breaking skeletons

-Fixed light blue banners having no name

-Fixed dragons breaking graves

-Fixed dragon duplication with the dragon horn

-Fixed gorgons destroying armor

-Reduced stymphalian bird health

-Fixed dragon fire causing crashes

-Fixed dragon strike hurting other tamed creatures

-Fixed hippogryph texture error

-Fixed hippocampus breeding with wheat

-Fixed spawned chickens dropping rotten eggs instantly

-Fixed dismounting dragons hurting riders

-Fixed cockatrice not moving

-Fixed cockatrice that are tamed still attacking their owners

-Fixed ice dragons getting hurt by ice spikes

-Fixed deathworms being turned to stone

-Fixed not being able to eat ambrosia at full hunger

-Fixed dragons not breeding

-Fixed dragon staff not being craftable with ice dragon skull

-Fixed red death worm armor being more powerful than the other ones.

-Fixed crash with dissilution

-Fixed dragon and hippogryph not dropping armor when petrified