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    Jan 16, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


-Remodeled the hippogryph

-Retextured the pixie and cyclops

-Cyclops now has 4 texture variants

-Dragon skulls floating in air or next to a wall will assume a wall-mounted pose

-Added config for how often stymphalian bird feathers turn into items

-Added config for how long sirens can attract players

-Added config for maximum myrmex colony numbers

-Added experimental path finding AI for dragons

-Updated forge mappings for Thaumcraft API

-Cyclops can now destroy logs and leaves(configurable)

-Made hippogryphs and hippocampi naturally regenerate like horses

-Made hippocampus spawn bubbles when ridden

-Made cockatrice wither effect get worse depending on how many cockatrice were attacking

-Made cockatrice nausea effect last longer

-Increased armor points for the hippogryph and hippocampus armor

-Increase Cyclops armor points

-Increased distance from which cockatrice can use the stare attack

-Tweaked some myrmex behavior

-Fixed myrmex hive timeout crash/freeze

-Fixed fire dragons no longer being immune to fire damage

-Fixed bestiary pages not turning

-Fixed tame hippogryphs leaving into the ocean when parked on land

-Fixed stymphalian bird feathers not damaging shields

-Fixed dying gorgons turning players to stone

-Fixed pixies still eating sugar at full health

-Fixed cyclops being immune to gorgon or gorgon head

-Fixed hippogryphs not healing when eating rabbits foot

-Fixed jungle myrmex queens creating desert hives and visa versa

-Fixed myrmex larva mating

-Fixed jungle myrmex resin dropping desert resin blocks

-Fixed jungle myrmex queen dropping desert myrmex items

-Fixed myrmex loot table console spam

-Fixed myrmex killing pets of their allies

-Fixed myrmex queens digging when underground

-Fixed myrmex eggs all turning into worker eggs

-Fixed myrmex hatching time not working

-Fixed myrmex tunnels destroyed by caves

-Fixed larvae and pupae myrmex attacking

-Fixed myrmex workers carrying adult myrmex

-Fixed dragons ignoring the flight limit config

-Fixed death worms dropping too many eggs

-Fixed death worms spawning in mesas

-Fixed siren effect working on spectator players

-Fixed delays in hippogryph attacks

-Fixed hippocampus being too jittery

-Fixed not making cakes from myrmex eggs

-Fixed only black hippogryph eggs being made into cake

-Fixed ear defenders from Immersive Engineering not working on sirens

-Fixed myrmex AI server freeze

-Fixed myrmex tools rendering like ordinary items

-Fixed dragons not dropping XP on death

-Fixed cockatrices defending monster chickens

-Fixed broken dragon loot tables

-Fixed dragon scale boot model not rendering correctly

-Fixed stone statues dying from too many hits of a pickaxe

-Fixed Tinkers Construct pickaxes not breaking statues

-Fixed chickens instantly dropping rotten eggs after spawning

-Fixed dragon eggs not affected by gravity

-Fixed frozen sword effect sinking the ender dragon

-Fixed hippogryph making flapping noises on the ground

-Fixed dragon roar applying weakness to owner’s pets

-Fixed cockatrice auto attacking zombie pigmen

-Fixed cockatrice not eating seeds off the ground

-Fixed cockatrice not eating rotten flesh from the hand