Industrial age


Adds the various units, the mechanisms and energy sources, etc. The development is not in place, the new versions are released quite often!


The mod is already there:

1.Creative Tab "AGE"


  1. Copper[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  2. Tin[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  3. Lead[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  4. Silver[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  5. Nickel[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  6. Uranus[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  7. Platinum[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  8. Lithium[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  9. Chromium[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  10. Cobalt[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  11. Zinc[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  12. Aluminium[Ore, Nether Ore, Ingot, Plate]
  13. Diamond,gold,iron,lapiz,emerald,coal nether ores


  1. Sixteen multi-colored glowing stones and dust
  2. Block Flint
  3. Block Mud

4.Tool's and Armor's:

  1. Copper[Tool's and Armor]
  2. Tin[Tool's and Armor] NT
  3. Lead[Tool's and Armor] NT
  4. Silver[Tool's and Armor] NT
  5. Nickel[Tool's and Armor] NT

NT - not texture

In the next update:

  1. Craft vinils record's 
  2. All metal tool's and armor's[textured]
  3. All recipes
  4. New recipes, to complicate the game
  5. New blocks
  6. Generation Ore's
  7. Added new tools: Chisel, hammer, file.
  8. possible ore in the End

Maud is updated constantly!
Write that you would like to see in mine to fashion!


Will be in the following versions:
- Support of GregTech.
- Support of Advaced Solars Panels.
- Support of Nucleclear Control.
- Support of Industrial craft 2
- Oven workbench.
- An iron workbench (Four GUI of a workbench in one).
- The API


From the author:
I am already more or less familiar with a modding, but I know not everything, and your any help can help me! Thanks, that you with me!


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