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    Nov 13, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2
  • 1.10.1
  • 1.10

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8
  • Java 7
  • Java 6



  • Allow TeBlocks control over side rendering.
  • Allow addons to add their own extensions onto the network encoder.
  • Fix Dynamite-o-mote.
  • Added support for comparators for more IC2 blocks.
  • Document the Recipes API better.
  • Moved INetworkCustomEncoder into the API.
  • Fixed crash when reloading broken textures in XML GUIs.
  • Expanded the XML GUI system to support many more options.
  • Added active support by default for all TileEntityBlocks.
  • Move the solar panel to XML to show how it can work now.
  • Cleaned up the kinetic water generator, fixed modded biomes not working.
  • Added back Industrial Credits.
  • Fix pattern storage recipe.
  • Fix coffee recipes.
  • Allow slot grids to have custom spacing too.
  • Expose the JEI plugin so addons can hook onto it easier.
  • Added a quick texture for the Jetpack Attachment Plate.
  • Fixed fatal flaw in design with TeBlocks.
  • Fixed attached jetpacks not being charged from charging batteries.
  • Fix the kinetic generator only looking in a single direction for biome changes.
  • Allow none IC2 resource domain sounds to be played using the sound engine.
  • Fix rotating energy storage units posting energy events clientside, will reduce log spam.
  • Grabbed an old missed change from the 1.8 branch.
  • Fix assertion error pulling a treetap off a booze barrel.
  • Fix server side localization.
  • Fix API doc spelling mistake.
  • Stop the Q-Suit-Helmet draining energy when trying to eat but failing.
  • Update JEI module.
  • Fix iTNT recipe only producing 1 not 4.
  • Allow core addons to use ItemElectricTool like ItemIC2.
  • Fixed CESUs turning bronze into iron, they now drop themselves.
  • Allow core addons to use ItemArmorIC2 too.
  • Made the fermenter less strange.
  • Allow jetpacks with different speeds.
  • Baby steps to having better keyboard options.
  • Fix Forestry's ethanol not working in the Semifluid Generator and Liquid Firebox.
  • Stopped JEI crashing and complaining about things.
  • Prevented keys being registered more than once.
  • Fix bug with not getting electrocuted with tin cables.
  • Added some more new Achievements.
  • Fix New ore miner achievement.
  • Fix fluid cell still doing offhand action, when succeeding.
  • Make the sorting machine behave itself more, now properly pays attention to transformer upgrades.
  • Clean WorldData initialization and local enet retrieval up.