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    Mar 30, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2
  • 1.12.1
  • 1.12

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


Just a few things since the last release :)

  • Fixed balancing bugs within the Industrial Workbench
  • Fix fluid effects not necessarily being applied when being in the fluid
  • Fix do not output energy modes not working within EU storage blocks
  • Fix the Industrial Credit crafting config not applying
  • Fix ores dropping as basalt
  • Fix reactord not allowing hopper extraction
  • Improve liquid heat exchanger GUI
  • Fix HU reactors showing 20x the actual production in the GUI
  • Fix advanced miner not accepting higher tier batteries
  • Improve electric boats in lava
  • Allow off-hand painters to automatically paint placed cables
  • Remove old anvil fixer
  • Fix 1.12.0 support after Forge version bump
  • Avoid losing water over time in the condenser
  • Fix sheets missing localisation
  • Make enet effects disableable in the config
  • Fix errors with the splash screen once and for all
  • Fix some expands that should have been grows
  • Fix chainsaw dropping IShearables twice
  • Fix displayError being called once the game has loaded
  • Fix item model facing assignment in currently unused cases
  • Add config for logging non-read-only ENet API accesses
  • Fix cable item placing the wrong TE for splitter/detector cables
  • Add in dimension blacklist for rubber tree generation
  • Fix incorrect recipe warnings
  • Fix the miner not charging drills
  • Fix BuildCraft state scanning warnings with tile entities
  • Remove upgrade slots for Item Buffer comparator calculations
  • Add compressor recipe for redstone -> redstone block
  • Fix miner ejecting the mining pipes, drill and scanner
  • Fix the Crop Harvester skipping fully grown plants unnecessarily
  • Update various translations
  • Tweak biomass balance a bit
  • Change tool of pickaxe
  • Allow proper nesting of conditional XML GUI elements
  • Update all GUIs still extending GuiContainer directly
  • Fix the drill not setting its efficiency properly
  • Add all crops back to JEI
  • Move the nuke GUI to XML
  • Fix ejecting into BuildCraft tanks hanging
  • Move the reactor fluid port GUI to XML
  • Item#getSubItems isn't client side only anymore
  • Fix kinetic generator output being limited
  • Fix scrapboxes multiplying output over time
  • Fix chargepads not accounting for custom ItemManagers
  • Allow multi-items to have various rarities
  • Allow finer control over ITeBlock tooltips
  • Start the shifting about of UU tiering
  • Add running effects for ITeBlocks
  • Properly handle landing and running textures for non-standard models
  • Get the UU Assembly Bench into a working state
  • Add in traditional fluid "items"
  • Hopefully deal with hand held container throwing for good
  • Fix canning machine not enriching directly into fluid containers
  • Rework IKineticSource and IHeatSource interfaces
  • Allow emptying stacks of fluid cells into tanks
  • Fix potential cme when saving chunks
  • Publish regular block break event for the mining laser
  • Fix kinetic and stirling generators not updating status
  • Fix filling CF sprayers in the canning machine
  • Fix the front of the Steam Boiler jumping when turning on/off
  • Add config for flooring EU loss
  • Fix inventory capability not being put into reactor chambers
  • Drop Sorting Machine buffer from 100k to 15k EU
  • Fix chargepads accepting power from the top
  • Fix crash with Mekanism logistical transporters
  • Fix ITeBlocks having to have at least one state that uses iron
  • Allow more custom GUI images
  • Fix advanced recipe ingredient ordering
  • Fix processing of large network packets
  • Make ore generation substancially more configurable
  • Fix mining laser not firing when looking straight up or down
  • Fix carrots, wheat and potatoes not dropping seedbags
  • Fix cable break textures
  • Allow flaming arrows to set off ITNT and primed Nukes
  • Allow ITNT to be dispensed like TNT
  • Allow dispenser to use Universal Fluid Cells like a bucket
  • Bump the maximum practical reactor output to 8192 EU/t
  • Ignore empty stacks for smeltToIc2Items
  • Fix wrenching nukes
  • Allow the nano saber to cut cobwebs
  • Fix personal chests not opening when looking inside
  • Rework redstone and comparator handling
  • Switch reactor GUI to use proper output method
  • Item#addInformation is client side only
  • Try patch old pre-1.8 configs rather than crashing loading them
  • Catch invalid recipes that provide duplicate character mappings
  • Fix torches being placeable on cables
  • Improve finding the recipe owner of invalid recipes

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