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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8



  • Fix recipe loading crash (Chocohead)


  • Fix the air compressing recipe taking precedence over others (Chocohead)
  • Add IRecipeInput for exact NBT tag matching (Chocohead)
  • Removed unnecessary @Deprecated annotations (Chocohead)


  • Add recipe removing back Properly splits disable to IC2 recipes and purge for everything else (Chocohead)


  • Add a noise to gas vapourisation (Chocohead)
  • Temporary fix for painter cleaning in JEI Fixes #2384 (Chocohead)
  • Fix the old compressed air cell emptying recipe Fixes #2274 (Chocohead)
  • Ensure foam and colour changes always save Fixes #2268 (Chocohead)
  • Fix machine recipes with inputs that have containers Fixes #2385 (Chocohead)


  • Fix the painter cleaning recipe not working Fixes #2338 (Chocohead)
  • Nerf obsidian in the block cutting machine Handles #2189 (Chocohead)
  • Fix foamed cables not rendering the block behind them Fixes #2337 (Chocohead)
  • Handle invalid meta values for classic cells Fixes #2383 (Chocohead)
  • Pause IC2 sounds whilst the game is also paused Fixes #2343 (Chocohead)
  • Add ItemHandler capability to reactor access hatches Fixes #2349 (Chocohead)


  • Fix EventReceivers not working. (Aroma1997)


  • Hopefully fix sparadic crashes from packet releasing It was experimental after all (Chocohead)
  • Stop using a private field as a local variable (Chocohead)


  • Add additional information for bad fluid containers Should help with diagnosing #2375 further (Chocohead)
  • Fix the nano sabre breaking blocks in creative Now matches how other swords in vanilla work Fixes #2350 (Chocohead)
  • Experimental packet payload releasing Should fix #2352 without side effects (Chocohead)
  • Fix hand held container item switching (Chocohead)


  • Add Item#isEnchantable override to electric armour (Chocohead)
  • Fixed rotor stacks being flagged as empty if over damaged Fixes #2190, #2326, #2373 (Chocohead)
  • Fixed generic warning (Chocohead)


  • Updated some translations. (Aroma1997)


  • Fix charging cropnalyzers with non-single use items (Chocohead)


  • Add/Correct solid UU recipes (Chocohead)
  • Improve the windmeter to actually help with wind mills and turbines A right click shall reveal useful information why (or why not) it is working (Chocohead)
  • Avoid wrapping conflicting recipe exceptions (Chocohead)


  • Improve JEI Item transfer in Industrial Workbench. (Aroma1997)


  • Fix block breaking crashing without a tile entity Fixes #2367 (Chocohead)
  • Update Russian translation, thanks safron03 and QuantumStatement (Chocohead)
  • Defensively assume whether a connected server IC2 has or not Fixes #2363, among others previously (Chocohead)


  • Fix crash when a BlockTileEntities is passed the wrong location Fixes #2360 (Chocohead)


  • Default out ITeBlock place handlers (Chocohead)
  • Block#getSubBlocks isn't client side only anymore (Chocohead)


  • Hopefully fix loading errors once and for all (Chocohead)


  • Fix SMP (Chocohead)


  • Hopefully fix edge URISyntaxException cases (Chocohead)
  • Fix torch placement on fences (Chocohead)


  • Fix splitter cable inconsistency (Chocohead)
  • Improve finding the recipe owner of invalid recipes (Chocohead)
  • Fix torches being placeable on cables (Chocohead)


  • This'll help (Chocohead)


  • Move recycler blacklist patch somewhere more sensible (Chocohead)
  • Better handling of the Industrial Credit config (Chocohead)
  • Allow the fun to never stop (Chocohead)
  • Final fork for now (Chocohead)
  • Hide some more extra items (Chocohead)
  • Midly fork the cropmatron at the expense of a little bit of sanity elsewhere (Chocohead)
  • Fork that canning machine Not those two, the third one (Chocohead)
  • Provide alternative recipe set Doesn't cover all blocks/items Adds warning for when a shaped recipe overwrites its own character definition (Chocohead)
  • Provide an alternative CF sprayer (Chocohead)
  • Add back 2 old reactor components (Chocohead)
  • Annotate remaining tile entities (Chocohead)
  • Fork cables (Chocohead)
  • Allow electrolyzer picking (Chocohead)
  • Fork MFE and MFSUs (Chocohead)
  • Play about with texture substitution (Chocohead)
  • Initial concept for TeBlock filtering (Chocohead)
  • Concept for picking tile entities based on the config Persists between loads with different settings The config really just changes what an item will place (Chocohead)
  • Add back the old weed-ex can (Chocohead)
  • Add back extra ingots to acheive ingot parity (Chocohead)
  • Make old cells work similar to buckets (Chocohead)
  • Begin joint existance process (Chocohead)
  • Add compressed plants and fuel cans back (Chocohead)
  • Add near-depleted and re-enriched uranium back (Chocohead)
  • Annotate other multi-items (Chocohead)
  • Add back old cells (Chocohead)


  • Try patch old pre-1.8 configs rather than crashing loading them (Chocohead)
  • Item#addInformation is client side only (Chocohead)
  • Switch reactor GUI to use proper output method (Chocohead)


  • Rework redstone and comparator handling. (Aroma1997)


  • Fix personal chests not opening when looking inside (Chocohead)
  • Allow the nano saber to cut cobwebs (Chocohead)


  • Reverse test stuff (Aroma1997)
  • Test changelog autogeneration (Aroma1997)

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