Industrial Wires

An example of what Industrial Wires can do

An addon for Immersive Engineering and IndustrialCraft2. It adds IE-style wires that are able to transmit IC2 energy (EU). This is different from the IC2 compatibility IE had in MC 1.7.10 as it is not possible to convert IC2 power to RF/IF/Tesla/forge energy/etc.

Other features include low-power medium-loss converters between IE's rotational energy (windmill, watermill) and IC2's kinetic energy, and control panels that make controlling and monitoring a close to arbitrary amount of redstone signals using just a few blocks possible.

Some items from Industrial Wires are created using recipes that will not be shown in JEI, check the Engineer's manual for detailed information.

Most textures and models are based on art from ImmersiveEngineering, other textures and models where created by either C8H8O4 or me (malte0811).


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