The InfiniBucket - or Infinite Water Bucket in game - is an upgrade of a water bucket created with 3 gold ingots and a bucket full of water. It allows the use of a handheld infinite water source. You can even fill cauldrons or tanks from other mods.


If you find a mod with which this bucket does not work -> please send me a message with the link to the incompatible mod.


This Project is licensed under Creative Commons by-nc, that means, that this project may be distributed and, or changed under the following restrictions:

    -> You must share this project under this license or any other license, that does not apply any further restrictions

    -> You must not use this project or its source code for any commercial product or applications

    -> You must explicitly name me as the author of the original project.

Exceptions for this are:

    -> You may use this mod in a Modpack

    -> You may use small portions of the source code in your own project or write similar code.

Mod Compatibility

This mod uses the Forge IFluidHandlerItem Interface, so it should be compatible with most mods, that implement FluidHandling correctly. I tested it with ThermalExpansion Tanks and it works fine.



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