Inspirations 0.2.4


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    Mar 14, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


0.2.4 changelog:



  • Added cow milk cooldown:
    • Makes you have to wait a short delay after milking cows to be able to get milk again
    • Disabled by default, as this fits less with vanilla and more with hardcore packs
  • Added squid milking:
    • Allows milking squids using a glass bottle to get black dyed bottles
    • Disabled by default, most just a weird thing I did when I was bored
  • Added config option for changing the enchanting power of a full bookshelf:
    • Normal books are 1.5
    • Enchanted books are 2.5
    • Quark ancient tomes now give 3.0


  • Change pipe recipe to prevent conflict with mods that add really weird plate recipes
  • Separate charged arrow and redstone chargers in the config
  • Dyed bottles can now be used to dye sheep
  • Books can now be placed in the bookshelf from the offhand
  • All dynamically textured blocks now cache their models, should improve performance


  • Fix JEI crashing if an invalid smashing recipe is added
  • Fix crash from the lock and key being disabled
  • Fix monostable signals budding the redstone torch lever, leading to unreliable behavior
  • Fix cactus and sugar cane seeds breaking if someone substitutes one of those blocks
  • Fix crash from mods registering invalid itemstacks in their brewing recipes