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Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions

  • 1.11.2


Inventory Pets
Release Notes (for 1.11.2 only)

“ZOMG Inventory Freaking Pets 1.11.2”


  • [1.11.2] Updated to 1.11.2. DUH!
  • [1.11.2] House Pet can now return you to your spawn point from any dimension
    • House Pet can also set your spawn point in any dimension
  • [1.11.2] The long awaited Illuminati Blacklist feature is here. In the Inventory Pets config directory you’ll find a new blacklist file. Simply:
    • Add any item to the list, such “minecraft:dirt” to exclude the item
    • Or add any mod, such as “bibliocraft:” to exclude the entire mod
    • Credit: Flexico, Jon Bams, Kehaan, most of my family
  • [1.11.2] Config GUI added (access from Mod Options in Main Menu)
  • [1.11.2] Can now mine full speed when flying with Cloud Pet (credit: tlsctf2)
  • [1.11.2] Can now mine full speed when swimming with Squid Pet
  • [1.11.2] Bed Pet now adds hours to total World Time when sleeping to get to the next day instead of resetting total World Time back to zero (credit: al132)